You are the first breath

You are the first breath

Baby, you are the first breath that I inhaled today and every day since we met while you will be that last breath that I will ever exhale that day that God calls me home, living as forever and always on my mind in my night time daydreams since that morning that you and I said that we will be as all of the sands of time with our love flowing freely through the rest of all eternity as the river Styx will be until it falls off the edge of all tomorrows brought together by all that is you and me deep down in our souls who are holding on to the precipice of all that we can see in everything that we can be while laying out on the white sand beaches of all the seas, with the winds of yesterday blowing back across all of our memories of all that shall ever be carrying the love that came from you to me to all and any that will ever need from our pounding hearts that beat the sound of the lyrical rhythm of love.
Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. A Poets Journey


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