I may not know anything.

I may not know anything.

I may not know anything about what true love really is for I have never got to hold it in my arms, but what I do know is that after all these many long and lonely years of looking for while praying down on my knees searching for a love that I now believe has passed away never to return to me from the fact that I am very beaten man from my scared up broken heart, down to my lonely shattered soul the only part of me left of who I still am that I will through all of the eternity refuse to ever give up or ever let go. Through all the memories and pain that you feel and the cold bitter loneliness along with the paralyzing fear that comes from a love that has died and slowly faded away is only there to let us know that we are indeed still very much alive to live and love again one day, while all of the emptiness you feel way down deep in your soul are only remnants of broken dreams as the tears that fall splashing down on the ground will carry away all of the pain of watching your dreams die away, so if you ever find yourself all alone with no place to go where you call home wandering the dirty streets in the darkness which you just cannot beat know that you are not the only one that has lost the battle of another loves war and I am quite sure you will run into me down here on the defeated streets both of us veterans of the wars we seek the one thing you must know is it ain't over until we fly home to the only love that will never die that of God up above so very high past the moon and the skies who gives us hope and the strength to get back on our feet so we can jump back in the battles between love and hate, see you around my friend peace and love until the very end, one last thing before you go do not ever give up on winning loves war.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. A Poets Journey


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