Let me hold you in my arms

Let me hold you in my arms

Let me hold you in my arms for as long as you will let me while 
we are making love until the daylight fades away, we can try to forget
about what may come tomorrow as we are trying to live our entire lives
today, If the morning starts without me it means that it was time for
me to go, just know that I will always love you until forever never
comes at all, I am sorry for leaving you so lonely but I know you
will be okay as I will treasure every single moment that we had
together always wishing for one day, the angels have come
down from heaven to wake me up from my restless sleep, finally
answering all of my prayers by taking all of my pain away while
giving me my angel wings so I could fly back home to stay. I know
that I will miss you and you will miss me more even though we
stole as much time as we could. We both knew someday this time
might come yet never knowing when that day the doctors
told us that the battle was over I had no chance to win. Our lives
are filled with so much tragedy it is like Shakespeare had written
it in a play, so please do not ever cry over me I know we will meet
again someday, for you made my life worth living showing me
kindness every day as I never knew what love truly was until you
came along filling my heart with happiness unlike anyone I have
ever known. Just know even though I am gone that I will be
always be around right there in your heart as God has finally
brought me home.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet:s Journey


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