To whom it may concern

To whom it may concern

I am a single white male and I am looking
for a real kinda love, not looking to get burned
or stand in a line or the next turn I am funny
a little bit witty give me a minute I can be a little
dirty, I do love it in the fresh air out in the country
but I also can deal with the craziness of the big
cities, I am very easy going but not looking for
easy looking for a smart strong woman that can
be just a little bit cheesy, I have a way with words
that will melt your heart and set your soul on fire
I am a romantic that still opens doors just give
me a word and I will come open yours, I am a
a little bit broke and a lot a bit bruised but if you
are patient and loving you will find that there is
still, a lot of me still left to be used, I am looking
for beautiful but not what you see so if your beauty
comes from inside than you just may be perfect for
me, I am a giver not looking to get taken I believe
in God so If you do to that would be good but if
not that is okay we all have a right to choose, I am
Looking to travel, but not get lost, I'm looking for
a partner and I do not need a boss so if you think
that you may be her and believe you are the one
then drop me a line or better yet three if I read it
and laugh or maybe even cry do not get bored
you just maybe she who I been looking for I am
not looking for perfection I know I am far from
that I am just looking for someone to love and
loves me back.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr
A Poet's Journey


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