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The map on my heart

The scars and jagged lines that you see on my poor beat-up heart, look just like ones on a road map showing the many paths, roads and highways that I have taken throughout my life, take this one that curves around the south or bottom of my heart that is when I met a woman down in California I fell in love got married had two kids (my oldest boys) and tried to make a living but somehow we got lost and ended on two different roads and directions yet even today after all of these many years I still have a love for her with the beat of my heart, then when I was not looking I veered off the main road down a dirt path that had been traveled by few there I stopped to quench my thirst listening to the band that was playing they were called Winslow and they were damn good, then I saw her, she was standing up by the bar so I walked over and introduced myself and the next thing I know we were headed to Reno to start our new life down another road where again not too long

I may not know

I may not know a whole lot about anything and I know not what I am doing most of the time and no matter how long I have tried or even how hard I will never know  a damn thing about woman or life that's all I need to say but I do know money can never buy you love and  I know that I should not think about all that  I had lost back in the past or even the things today  that I do not have while worrying about the  very few that I do, especially knowing already  that they will never last anyways for very long, so what I need to really do in my life is to try very  hard to always remember that the only things  that ever should really matter are all of our  precious memories along with all of those  people who have somehow or in some way no  matter how much or even little touched our hearts  who will until forever ends always live deep down within  our souls becoming just a little bit a part of who  I am or who we are to take with us into all of the 

Broken Glass

Broken Glass I am haunted by painful memories of demons in the shattered fragments, I still remember my littered past, living in my nightmares through the dreams they now all cast watching shadows as they dance around me on the walls of this empty home, being cast by the burning fires that are still completely out of control for a rage of passion wanted that was never known, listening to the silence of the teardrops as they fall from the absence of joy or laughter that never makes a sound, looking for a hint of light knowing that only darkness is around, where life once lived death now follows consuming everything that abounds while the voices in my head get louder causing chaos to ensue confusion in my mind of right or wrong starts causing me to sin, as ink now spilled drips with blood from the sharp tip of my pen, walking down the dirty streets just waiting for the end hoping to find some proof of life finding only regret and sorrow deep into the night

All week long all my books are FREE on Kindle download to enjoy and share. Thank you for the last five years it has truly been amazing. Love Hugs and Kisses Richard M Knittle Jr.

All week long all my books are FREE on Kindle download to enjoy and share. Thank you for the last five years it has truly been amazing. Love Hugs and Kisses Richard M Knittle Jr.

Back in the days

Back in the days Back in the days when I was younger, I can still very much remember being so carefree and happy smiling all the time, then a little later even older   back before I had left my roots and moved to   Texas, I was laughing while having fun always   trying hard to have a great time, I was the life of   the party, the guy who knew everybody and   everyone knew me, but then something happened   somewhere in between here right now and there   back then when the darkness came in covered   up my light, along loneliness did too all mixed in   with a deep sadness that I know for sure as soon   as I crossed the border coming from New Mexico   I was somehow in some ways cursed by the devil   himself bent overused shunned by God angel   abused that's where I must have entered the fiery   pits of Hell itself, you see for being pretty smart at   least that is what they say it seems to me that i   am actually quite the opposite in reality, for I am   nothing more

Forever know the tune

Forever know the tune Baby, I need you to know that you are in reality, only a leftover memory or just a little piece of my past still breathing  deep down inside of me, almost like a song or melody one you hear it seems stuck inside of your head all day long everywhere you go hearing it either as whistle or maybe somebody is humming the tune like the music notes are just floating along right there in the air and even though you may not remember all the words to the song, I will always and forever know the tune as it is always playing over inside of my mind or it could be a piece of very beautiful poetry that was crafted by a Poet with an extraordinary ability to see inside of humanity one that will move you to laugh and or cry as you can feel every single word along with all of the emotions causing you sadness, anger, fear, and love that really and truly felt as if you were actually standing right there at that very moment in time living it as he was spilling all of his ink comi