Our love shall never fade

Our love shall never fade.
When all of the stars up in the
skies go dim and the moon no longer
shines my wish is that your love will
always still be mine, and as the sun
goes cold and earth no longer spins
it is you my dear whom I hope that I
do still hold in my arms through all
of the sands of time, as all of hell
freezes over and the good Lord calls
us back home my thoughts will be
that of you and me as we are running
free through the pearly gates of
heaven our new home, When the
waters stop flowing and all the ice
has melted away my heart will still
be yours as it keeps on pounding
every night throughout day, as the
mountains begin to crumble and all
of the oceans run dry the only love
that will still be standing is the love
between you and I, as the daylight
turns to night and the darkness
forever stays our love will still be
shining through for it shall never ever
fade away.
Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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