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Conversation with God and the Devil: Helping to heal a broken world.

This is one of my favorites and although it is long, it really does have meaning I hope you enjoy reading it as I have writing these words. I finally found myself on the precipice of greatness, yet still hanging off the edge of insanity. This is part one of my epic mini tale called:  Conversations with God and the Devil: Helping to Heal a Broken World I Saw God  I saw God just the other day and as she was walking by me I stopped and looked at her and asked, ”So how is life high up above?" but she just looked at me turned and shook her head so, I said to her “God, it will be okay I just know in my heart that  soon we will all get it right one of these days.”  She stopped right in her tracks then she slowly  turned around looked me up and down while she stared like she looking right through me  must have been for a just minute maybe even  two then a smile ever so slightly broke out across  her beautiful face, she took a very deep breath  and she said to me,  “You know what, I was ju

Your heart mind or soul (which one would it be?) Part one

Your heart mind or soul (which one would it be?) Part one When we are young I mean just a child we do not think about getting old or even dying only about going outside with all our friends then playing as hard and for as long as you can going to the park or playing with your dolls riding your bike or getting muddy when all the rains fall, then just a little bit later all of a sudden you become a teenager learning how to drive turning sixteen you believe that you are invincible and will live forever just like the sun that will rise up into the skies every morning and the stars and moon who will shine their twinkling light down upon you will come out in the night , then you wake up one day start looking back through all of your past memories you start to wonder where did all that time go? How did it slip away? Feels just like yesterday, you went to bed and fell asleep last night then when you woke up your back was hurting so were your knees your hair was thinning and your mustache was a

We fell back in time

With the world, such a mess and COVID 19 continuing to spread there are so many people out of jobs families living on the streets children with nothing to eat mental health is on the rise meaning the suicide rate is getting high what can you do? Please don't despair you are not alone out there, I know it is very hard but Suicide is not the answer it never is if you need help and you feel there is nowhere to go call me call a family member call a friend call the number to below...  Help is available Speak with a counselor today.  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 We fell back in time As feelings of deep despair and guilt come over  me like I am being hit very hard and dragged down  under the cold dark ocean water by giant  waves of sheer loneliness and sorrow,  so deep that I am now gasping for a little air as my lungs are filling with salty water  fighting   hard not to swallow trying hard to taste the last  of the air that surrounds me upon my dry cracked  lips a

where is good old Uncle Sam?

I hope everyone stays safe on this 4th of July 2020 what a year it has been with COVID 19 I mean just six months ago if you had a weapon on you wearing a mask you would have the police after you actually this is Texas you would have the sheriff looking for you and you would be an outlaw looking to rob a bank or train but now you get arrested for not wearing one totally insane, maybe this year we should reflect on what we are celebrating from 1776 to today and beyond, I personally do not believe that our founding fathers would be okay with what they created to what we have become. free·dom [ˈfrēdəm] NOUN the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. "the shark thrashed its way to freedom" synonyms: liberty · liberation · release · emancipation · deliverance · delivery · discharge · nonconfinement · extrication · amnesty · pardoning In a country whose money is stamped in God, we trust I gu

Still after six years my very first book, eighteen currently I am very humbled. The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth Kindle Edition by Richard M Knittle Jr.

Still after six years my very first book, eighteen currently I am very humbled. The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth Kindle Edition by Richard M Knittle Jr. (Author) Format: Kindle Edition 4.2 out of 5 stars 21 ratings Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #55,976 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store) #1197 in 90-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads #9 in Epic Poetry (Kindle Store) #8 in Poetry About Death

DO you remember too?

Do you remember too? The sun is out and shining not a drop of rain in sight children are outside playing flying different colored kites couples holding hands while walking down the street whispering quietly to each other smiling waiting for the night flowers are blooming everywhere spreading color across the globe just like the beautiful rainbows after a springtime thunderstorm Friends are making plans for destinations unknown, filled with alcohol, white sanded beaches, wearing nothing more than smiles dancing underneath the stars knowing what love is in my heart yet having nobody to love or hold memories flowing from the past back when I was living in a much different world looking out the window to an emptiness that I now see with streets devoid of cars or people cruising down the streets how long has it been since the sickness came to be the one called the Corona virus or COVID nineteen was it nature who evolved it causing man's new fate or was man playing God again unleashing t