Locked away deep inside

Locked away deep inside

I still have a photograph of you that I
have always carried with me stored
away forever deep in my heart so that
whenever I close my eyes I can see
it every night when I am dreaming
about you and me like it was when
we used to be not all that long ago, I
also, have all of the memories of
you and I that are imprinted
deep down in my very soul that I
wrap close around me like when
you used to hold me whenever the
nights got lonely and so very cold,
but today if we ever meet and you
asked me how am I doing, I would
say that I was "doing okay" but
I already know that the real truth of
of the matter is if you could
only read what was on my mind you
would know that I was lying to you
because there is not a single day
that goes by in this life of mine that
I am not thinking always about you,
and so you know even after all this
the time you are always on my mind. I
do not know why but somehow in
some way you are still locked away
inside of me, I still today in the
middle of night wait by the phone
for your call, just hoping that you
might think about me when all your
dreams have been broken or do
not work out like you always thought
they would while I lay here all alone in
the dark wishing you were still right
here home next to me, with your
head laying on my chest listening
to the beating of my pounding heart with
a smile on your beautiful face knowing that
it still and always will skip a beat for you.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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