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I may not be a super hero

I may not be a super hero I am having a very hard time sleeping nowadays along with even trying to concentrate on anything, my head keeps spinning aching with sounds of an annoying low roar like a chopper is landing in an all out war that is raging causing me to hurt all the time with so many words that appear trying to escape my crazy crowded mixed up mind all the while screaming "I am more important or they will like me best" while whining "use me now or  take me first"  but why do they not understand that I am trying my best to use them all writing down all day long and staying up all night just as fast as I humanly can I don't have any powers I am not a super hero like Captain America, Thor, or Spiderman and I do not wear tights and wear a cape like Batman o even Superman, I don't have claws that rise up from my fist like the Wolverine or a super talent like that of Stan Lee my hero why don't they know that ye

Please read very important to me

Please read very important to me! When I write it comes from inside of me as it comes so naturally like it lives and breathes just an extension of me but with this beautiful gift comes a on again off again curse that is called empathy meaning I can feel emotions from those around me and believe that is not easy to always control and sometimes I cannot tell when I write if it is coming from me or them. So what I am trying to say is not every poem that you read is about or for me Poetry is a tool to use in healing from the inside out. Writing is a wonderful therapy getting your demons out into the light or putting a description on your Depression or other mental illness and when read those pieces it does same by letting that person who may not know how to express themselves understand that they are not alone in their fight whatever it may be. So please understand when you read piece of poetry that you do not like or feel inappropriate or even that it is something I am going through it i

Passion for poetry the story will never end.

Passion for poetry the story will never end. When I bumped into you by mistake the other day and knocked that book out of your hands I had know idea that when we both leaned down to pick it up I looked directly town your blouse to see those beautiful breast You tried so hard to hide I knew that you saw me when your nipples got very hard and I thought man I need to introduce myself and apologize for my lack of class and charm then we both grabbed your book at the same time what happened next is kinda still blurry but I will tell you the best I can your were reading Poetry by Keats, Poe and Christopher Marlow for the ink that spills on the pages of all the verses filled by words creating the poems that turn you on making your heart beat faster and your soul start dancing and that is just what's first for hidden beneath those layers of clothes and the shy woman you show is the body of a goddess the the hottest one of all the desires o

Close my eyes

Close my eyes Written by Craig J Burt and Richard M Knittle Jr. Performed by Douglas Haines

You are

You are The day that you and I had met I knew that I needed your love, holding hands on the beach, kissing under the light of the moon, hugging each other with a roaring fire with the only thing that we have on is the honesty between us. If I ever knew what true love actually is, it was you, for you where the one that made my heart to start pounding causing it to beat out the rhythm of the music of love, that is when we first looked deeply into each other’s eyes, while reaching through them and grabbing on and holding on tight to our two lonely souls, that is when our souls connected and yours started to dance with mine. I believe that you are my muse, you are the words that flow from my ink, you are all of the poetry from which I write and think, you are the well that shall never run dry, until the day that I myself lay down my quill and God and his angels take me