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This is my piece that I like to call "Conversations with God and the Devil: Helping to heal a broken world"

This is my piece that I like to call "Conversations with God and the Devil: Helping to heal a broken world" It started out as two separate pieces that took on a life of its own it is actually six parts now that all come together to tell a story. I saw God Part I I saw God just the other day so as she walked on by I turned and said to her "So how is life way up there above?" But she just turned then looked at me, shook her head then she looked away. I said to her "God it will be okay, I just know real soon we will all get it right down here one of these days." She stopped right there slowly turned around while looking me up and down and she just stared, for must have been for a just minute, maybe even two, then a smile ever so slightly broke out across her face, then she took in a deep breath of air, and she said to me. "You know I was looking down from my home high above just the other day and a very deep sadness filled me

Only you have the power

Only you have the power I started out in my life believing  that I was going to set the world on  fire, but soon found out it was filled with  nothing more than smoke and mirrors  finding only thieves and liars along with those who want to steal all of your dreams  and desires anyway they can,  I thought  that I was the King of my own kingdom but I never got to rule anyone or anything  for I only wore a paper crown  colored in with a golden crayon, I thought I was the captain of my own ship  Sailing in the direction that I myself had picked, little did I know at that time the tides on the ocean of tears that  were filled up with years of guilt had  their own agenda taking me everywhere but the place I needed, so I chose  my path in this life the best that I could all because I thought  it would lead me to untold riches and  happiness  but I got lost somehow and took a wrong turn because it only took me to a one  way highway that led me straight to  hell, where the harder I tried to get

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Be still my quickly beating heart.

Be still my quickly beating heart Every time I see you, I need to stop and tell myself "Hey man, you got this, all you got to  do is just be cool" but then you look right at me with your pretty smile and beautiful  face and suddenly, my knees get weak  then I can barely speak so I close my eyes  real tight and remind myself that I will be  all right as I whisper underneath my breath "Be still my quickly beating heart" as it begins  pounding hard deep down within my  chest, while all those loving feelings come  rushing back, I bet you can guess what happens next as I fall head over heels in  love with you, just like I always do while  some of my favorite memories start  to play like double feature in my head  showing me in my eyes past all our homemade movies along with some old  photographs showing all the adventures that you and I had, all the awesome  uncut scenes even the adult eyes only ones from all our many different moments  in time that God had given us, and

Living your life for addiction

A two part piece on addiction looking from both sides of the issue that I call "Living your life for addiction" The first piece was written for Ryder's mother while she was on one of the many time she was in rehab. Part One (Married now to your addiction) Always living your life in the  darkness,  while you are  running away from the light, for all of the evils  from an addiction has taken you far away  from the fight. I miss you so  very much,  and who you used to be, such a  loving and  caring person that I no longer  ever get to see. All t he love and affection  that we once  shared have been taken by all of your hurtful lies, as you are married now to your addiction, I can see it in your bloodshot eyes. The late nights that I stayed up and worried, if you were dead or sitting in jail, waiting for a phone call from the Devil, who is waiting for you now in hell. Maybe one day you will know how much that I loved you, and that I tried everything that I could, but I have n


Hourglass The flames of all his heated passion that at one time raged out of control burning hotter than the fiery depths of hell and higher than any fire that has ever burned before that had once spilled from his pen which was now laying on the cluttered desk is now just barely leftover embers in the cold ashes of what was his life, and the deep, what had seemed never-ending well that he pulled all of his beautiful words from went from what was a mighty river that was raging making its own path cutting down just about anything that stood in its way of change washing away all the tears of of hate and cries of social injustice crashing down on years of depression, and religious oppression wiping out all of the cold and bitter darkness while leaving only peace, love, and an understanding in its wake is now just a barely a trickle slowly streaming down the dirty gutter that was built of self regret and deep sorrow leaving it to fall and gather into a stagnated pool filled with the stench

Better than it was before

Better than it has before Have you ever known something that was wrong in your head, yet  instead ignored it, repeatedly all  because you thought that you were  always meant to be? Giving so  much of yourself to that that one  person who never appreciated it anyways until there was absolutely  nothing else left of yourself to give? Then one day waking up almost like you were in a coma for the entire time, pissed the fuck off all the  while looking around at what you no  longer have anymore, far away from  where you call home and any family  that will not talk to you anyway? All  your friends are gone either dead, in  jail, or just plain tired of listening about  a bad relationship that everyone  already but you knew was wrong and  tired of listening to the same old worn out sad country song, one hell  of a lot of fans reading your stories,  while wondering whether or not they like your soul wrenching Poetry,  then looking in the mirror while you   shake your head because how old  you h

You ask me what I am thinking about

You ask me what I am thinking about You ask me what I am thinking about  at this very moment in time, well it is  that for once in a very long time "could  for just a few seconds maybe even  minutes put on a little smile across my  tired face for at least just a little while  before the dark and deformed shadows  are cast again by a dying and pathetic  soul that has been missing for what  now seems like forever and is most likely  now presumably dead from a heart that  had been broken by the deaths of countless  innocent men that it has seduced with  the empty promises of truthful, long  lasting never ending sobriety then as  always sleeps on the floor with the sounds  of many agonizing painful screams from those who have only tried to get  away from a life of painful misery and  narcissistic traits that no longer beats  for anyone or anything but now as it has  gone cold shivering as it pumps out the  icy cold blood of years of abuse and  misuse while giving out lies of every  ki

looking for and artist and a musician please read

I have a few request that y'all hopefully can help me out with, I am looking for an artist more a sketch artist in blue gray and black pencil for a few collaborations that would benefit us both for a few books and also a musician that plays acoustic or electric guitar to collab on a few songs one in particularly, if you are interested please email me at this is very important and I am serious so no games or wasting of my time, not looking for Vincent van Gogh or Eddie Van Halen so please contact me soon. Richard M Knittle Jr.

blessing or a curse

Blessing or curse  I am still not really quite sure if knowing you all of these years has  been a blessing or a curse or could even  be maybe just a little bit of both,  part of me is so very grateful that in  my life I got to know someone who is  as beautiful as you, for it is like checking out a beautiful priceless piece of treasured art whose real beauty  can only be seen up close, to see the individual brush strokes along with the vibrant colors gorgeous curves and lines on a painting that has been around for a thousand years maybe more that may have In fact taken the artist maybe years  even a whole lifetime to finish, and  yet it took only just a few brief  moments, just several grains of sand,  just the tick of a tock on a clock,  to see, that the real beauty was not only on the outside that anyone  can obviously see no I am talking  deep down the beauty that lives  inside of you, your beating heart and  free and wild soul that shall never  be tamed, so ever since we first  met