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I may not be a super hero.

I may not be a superhero I am having a very hard time sleeping nowadays  along with even trying to sit down and concentrate  on anything at all my head keeps spinning round and round always aching with the  sounds of an  annoying low roar like choppers that are landing in an  all-out war one that is raging causing me to hurt all  the time with so many words that appear trying to  escape my crazy crowded mixed up mind all the  while screaming "Use me I am more important or  they will be" like me best" while whining "use me  now or " take me first"  but why do they not understand  that I am trying my best to use them all writing down on  paper just as fast as I can all day long while staying up  all night just as fast as I humanly can. I mean I do not have any special powers I am not a super hero like  Captain America, Thor, or even Spiderman and I do  not wear tights or wear a cape like Batman Aquaman  or even Superman, I don't have claws that rise up 

Oh, btw all my books are free for Kindle all 20 books free for download.

  Oh, btw all my books are free for Kindle all 20 books are free for download.