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locked away deep inside

Locked away deep inside I still have a photograph of you that I have always carried with me stored away forever deep in my heart so that whenever I close my eyes I can see it every night when I am dreaming about you and me like it was when we used to be not all that long ago, I also have all of the memories of you and I that are imprinted deep down in my very soul that I wrap close around me like when you used to hold me whenever the nights got lonely and so very cold, but today if we ever meet and you asked me how am I doing, I would say that I was "doing okay" but I already know that the real truth of of the matter is if you could only read what was on my mind you would know that I was lying to you because there is not a single day that goes by in this life of mine that I am not thinking always about you, and so you know even after all this time you are always on