My light in my life of darkness

My light in my life of darkness

As I watch you close your eyes as you fall asleep
in our new bed I am simply amazed on how your
beauty radiates from your freshly painted pink
toenails to your pretty pink bow sitting on the top
of your golden blonde head. Exhausted after
making love from when the sun came up yesterday
until after the sun went down last night then starting
this morning all over again, watching you sleeping
like in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty who just like
you is a beautiful princess, sweetheart I knew
when I saw you that day after church standing
there talking to our new preacher man, I still
remember looking into those sparkling green eyes
as the ocean breeze gently blew your long blond hair
with that beautiful silver cross with which you wear
on your beautiful neck shining brighter than the sun
I knew that I had finally found her whom I have spent
my whole life looking for. You are my light in a life of
darkness, my soulmate through the end of eternity
and I had finally found you the very one who I adore
as you make the days shorter and all the nights long.
My smile gets brighter every day that we wake up in
each other's arms together as my heart beats out
the rhythm of our love as my soul starts to sing
songs of love, I get down on my knees then I close
my eyes and pray to God almighty our savior the king
as my eyes fill with tears of joy thanking him for
sending me the most beautiful of all his angels ever
known for when you sing to our glory in praise of our
king in our church's choir I can see your golden halo
floating right above your head as we look deeply into
each others eyes I know what we say is true those
three words that move mountains the very same ones
that I will climb to scream out until I am blue in the
face to thank you for coming into my life just so you
always know that through all sickness and health,
the good with all the bad, through the calm and
mighty storms and hell and high water I will always
love you.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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