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That is the question

That is the question At that very moment, we are conceived a timer will begin, counting down year-by-year month after month, week by week, day by day hour after hour minutes and seconds until the very end when time stops at least our time, how much time do we have? No one really knows, so use the time that you are given and help your fellow man why? because life is hard down here on earth as we struggle every day to find food and water and a shelter just to lay your head, with hate and violence taking place in every shape and form, from the purple mountain majesty and in every foreign land from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the highest mountains we can stand to the desert and sea to shining sea, coming from ignorance which is caused by nothing more than fear that is fed from our own human stupidity,. To be or not to be is the question that I struggle with every single day as I watch in terror all of human kind trying so hard to kill itself while destroying what is left of humanit

Smile like you did something wrong

  Smile like you did something wrong Have you ever noticed that the devil who is the epitome of evil has not been seen for quite some time now since man himself has now started to create his own hate and evil and has, for a very long now? We fight over religion, which man created in the first place to control the masses and their money and looking at some of those television evangelists do not get me started, just keep on reading to read what I wrote about it then through our own ignorance of uneducated bigotry, we separate ourselves by the color of our skin, never knowing what lies within or where we may be from. I mean, come on it after all one planet with one race the humankind and all citizens of earth, we treat women differently, almost as if they are lower class than men, even though they can do everything the same and then some and of course, it is because of that they wear pants, I believe the greatest of all evil are greed and the lust for power in my opinion which counts for

And the moon is full again.

  And the moon is full again. If I ever had the chance to finally be alone with you anywhere in the world  No matter when it was somewhere,  that I could read and write about how  I feel about you and all the things I  would do to you. uh um I seem to  have well to tell you the truth. I am  not sure what I would do, for your absolute sheer beauty has me frozen right here where I stand, as  you paralyze me with your sexy eyes  that almost feels as if you can look  right through me to see who it is  that I really am while I am feeling  so completely terrified deep down  inside to my very embarrassed soul  so bad it does not know what to  do, so it hides its head in shame  and my poor heart now wants to  only skip a beat then act real cool for just a few minutes, then it pounds so hard through my chest  it feels as if it will bust right out,  then it stops for a second, and it  starts all over again. Oh, and I can  usually, talk the talk just as smooth  as ice in a hockey rink with my lip

How long before the battles rage?

  How long before the battles rage? This planet called earth and all of its inhabitants that we all live on is dying a little more each day as our God, whom we all love, is watching with not a single word to say, hate has taken over, as evil now reigns the king. It seems His son Jesus Christ our savior is missing from the cross on which he hanged for sins of our own faith. Looking now from humanities gate where the floodwaters are running high. How long before all the battles rage for the war that has already begun with religious zealots, addicts, and false prophets filling up their warrior ranks, as this war is something different though, as our souls are on the line for humanities, own reflection can no longer be seen in the mirror of humanity's own design. Our morals have been falling with each passing of the sun, as lust has murdered what was left of love off, for it takes too long to grow. Peace is a noble concept, almost like a dream when you sleep at night, yet it will neve

One day at a time

  One day at a time Yesterday I laughed, today I cried, tomorrow is still a mystery as to what may lie ahead, all we know for sure is that life begins, then it ends, so worry not what might or may not come, my friends, or whether it is good, bad, even happy, or sad so just remember that the days will come and the nights will go, but it comes with each morning of the rising sun. That is something we know, so let us close our eyes take a deep breath then open them and take a chance. Spin that wheel or roll the dice, win on seven loose on snake eyes pull that arm plays some slots. Bet it all on a long shot called it's your life, the one thing you should try to always remember is you can never go back and you cannot predict the future life is hard we only live once, so make damn sure that you lived it, so go ahead dance with the devil and sleep with your demons, then go to church and pray for forgiveness and always be kind to all you meet always give hope and use your strength never gi

I always thought that I knew what love was.

  I always thought that I knew what love was. I am so confused when it comes to love like in loving somebody, anybody, especially when it comes to you. I always thought that I knew what love was, but I was wrong, for it is not just a feeling you get when someone is on your mind all the time. It is not hearing I love you when they are talking to someone else or a wish on a star that is only falling to earth it is not laying together on a beach on a some hot midsummer's night or dancing outside in the rain in Paris when the clock strikes midnight, like I have always believed. I guess it isn't a burning candle at dinner with flowers and a bottle of wine on a table in Nepal, just you and I or a two day getaway with no kids to another town, or skinny dipping in a crystal clear lake staying in a cabin on a bear rug by the fireplace with no phone or TV. I always heard it was two people making love and looking into the eyes of each other whispering sweet nothings into our ears saying