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The Map

Richard, as always, your writing touches my heart. Mon cher ami, elle vous y trouverez, n'abandonnez pas espoir. The Map The scars on my heart are where the many heartaches and painful memories of my life have broken my heart crisscross across it like the navigational lines of a map from the many journeys I have been on down the different paths of life that it has taken me for it has traveled around the world and back like this one that we live and to the moon on many a blanket under the stars on many a very warm midsummer nights It has traveled down roads where it has walked all alone wishing it had taken the road that leads back home and It has been lost on the highways that were leading straight into hell that was littered with the lost souls broke down with heart Breaks, Sorrow, and Despair It has been down the roads that was filled with many happy smiles of the faces of all the loved ones that it has not seen in now many a miles It has ventured down boulevards that were lit wi

That was a long time ago

  When it comes to depression I am the king of the darkness being diagnosed with severe clinical depression and PTSD I have lived with it my entire life and it has caused me many relationships and friendships no matter how good my life maybe headed it is always shadowed by this horrific disease. You tell somebody to chill or take a pill or scream and yell at them but all that does is cause them to retreat farther down into that sadness that they know so well because when you have been in the darkness for so long your eye will grow accustomed to the dark and the light will only hurt our eyes. Suicide Prevention 24 Hour Crisis Hotline 1-877-466-0660 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) That was a long time ago Once upon a time, I lived happily ever after but that was a long time ago, way back in a time when I still believed in fairy tales and wishing on falling stars, no Santa Claus or even love, or the magic of any kind, no family nor friends or even the end since

My ink begins to flow

When it comes to love sometimes the end is actually the beginning of something else and while the truths are hidden in the lies of the heart the soul holds all the keys to yesterday today and all the tomorrows where love matters until the ends of all time. My ink begins to flow As I am sitting here right next to you my ink begins to flow being pumped from a deep-down loving beating heart that remembers you like my new awakening soul senses the scent of another it once held tightly in its arms searching what seems like forever for the mate, it used to know, now lost in a world of deep emotional scars as the memories start playing like a broken movie reel repeating the same scene constantly from a single night of heated passionate love, when two very damaged people and their broken souls who were both left alone very lonely needing each other and the touch of another reaching out through the pain of a broken heart filled with sadness and sorrow feeling vulnerable holding on to each other

current situation

  Please by all mean share this post Some people tell me well let me rephrase that I should say a very small number of people do not believe that I should call out the truth or even maybe not live my life so much on social media as I have for 8 years now especially when it comes to my personal life. I think they are wrong. See that is how for so long preditors molesters rapist got away with it, you know to keep it in the family going on down the line oh that's aunt so and so it is because the crimes are so heinous that people just do not want their families implicated in these crimes so it swept under the rug like it was mental health problem which we have been conditioned to just swipe it away. Renee L Harper-Knittle is a drug addict who has been to rehab a dozen times or more she trades sex for pills and has for long time she will whore herself out for dope but this time she has crossed the line by trading dope, pills, and other drugs for her own children Ryder now has had this h

Fall down like rain.