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The story of her and I

The story of her and I My whole life has been filled with hopes and dreams that have risen up higher than I could ever imagine yet never have quite come true, for every time I thought that I had found true love it always left me looking like a fool, leaving me with a heart that was broken, beat up, and bruised one after one three times in all left me blue, I gave up I did my best putting out the effort for second best, then I saw her one day a work I thought to myself, "she is a beautiful girl so I would stare at her for hours without her even knowing kinda creepy I know, studying her every curve watching wear a sweater which held some secrets one's that I had to know, then going home and falling asleep just so I could dream all about her, for the minute that I closed my eyes I was in a strange place with just me and a giant book that would open up right before my eyes, so I started reading, it was the story of our life it read "Once upon a time, is the way it s

A Christmas tale of one idiot.

I have a lot of requests to read this piece of trash I mean poetry, This year has been hell for a lot of people including myself, Christmas means family and without any family to be with Christmas means nothing to me, and even though I have Ryder all the crap that he and I endure due to his mother it makes it just another pain in the ass with no joy or happiness at all. so I hope y'all have a wonderfully beautiful Christmas and a much better New Year. Poet Richard M knittle Jr.

A Christmas tale of one idiot

  A Christmas tale of one idiot.   Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house  screaming was heard as he was killing his spouse with blood  splatter on everything including the mouse the children up stairs are laid up in their beds coughing and sneezing with  Covid 19 temperatures soaring with breathing becoming  harder I am sure Santa Klause will likely find them long dead. Do I have your attention just a reminder that we now have two  more days until Christmas where more suicides are recorded then any other day of the year so when someone says to me "Have a happy holiday"  I want to throw up making me want  to pick up a big rock wrap it in the prettiest Christmas paper place a pretty bow on it then smile as I throw it through their  God damn window while I am screaming "here bitch is your  fucking HoHoHo,"  Then all of the Christmas lights hanging  everywhere I can see on everything they can find looking making it look like a stupid Disney movie cau