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Live Poetry by Richard M Knittle Jr 6/22/2019

Live Poetry by Richard M Knittle Jr 6/22/ 2019

The legend of the Fallen Angel

The legend of the Fallen Angel Every single legend that has ever been told throughout the ages from the beginning of man, was started by someone somewhere who saw or heard something happen and relayed it to a family member or friend who then repeated to others and so on So forth each time being told a little differently with bits and pieces changed or added even more subtracted until it was finally written down or ink to paper when it finally becomes a legend, lore or fairytale sometimes even a nursery rhyme, either way, no matter what it is, it usually has some truth buried deep down in the very essence of the story. So now that the back story or prelude or log well something pre that I can tell you, What I am about to say to you for the first time is what legends are made of, is it true? Well that is up to you to decide, I believe it in my heart