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One day soon

  One day soon one day soon I will be okay, for there will be no more sadness filling my lonely soul that now surrounds me, like the bars in a prison cell that hold me confined by shackles, keeping me from living a life that I used to know, one that was filled with so much joy and happiness like a school-aged little boy waking up to all the presents on a cool clear Christmas morning, smiling and laughing like there was nothing else that really mattered in the world, but now here I lay with the fear of waking up each day as the tears start to fall for no good reason at all, while nobody can understand these emotions I feel for they are all way beyond even my complete control. No, I cannot just take another pill, then force a fake smile at will, then act as if everything will just go away, so please do not tell me just to chill, or that it is only in my head because it is very real, and I live with it every night and day, now all I can say is nothing matters with the sound of death gett