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I died alone

I never believed in a higher being so six years ago I took my own life, what I saw, heard, smelled was something that can never forget, I had lost everything and everyone I was closest to at the time but God and my three friends decided it was not my time and sent me back down here, I now believe in God and his angels. I died alone I died alone all by myself just missing my lost son, I had nothing left I had given up the darkness it had won. The things I saw I never thought I would and could not believe my sight and then I heard Ryder’s cry he woke me every night, I jumped up to find him and I ripped that room apart as I pulled myself together I felt a warmness in my heart three people I had loved in my life and very special to me were waiting as I woke each whispering thoughts to me, what they say I cannot speak but I write it down every day for I write a journal of my life for others that cannot say. Michelle was in my life not long and left us way too soon you were smiling and b

I will be there with you

Written for a friend of mine I will be there with you When I went to bed last night I started thinking about you again and tears began falling from my eyes, you left me all alone and by myself before I could truly let you know how much I loved you or to kiss you so I could say goodbye. I know that you are watching me and that you will never be all that far for our souls are still dancing close together to the beating of my heart. I dream of you whenever I close my eyes and I still feel you like you are holding me tight in your arms like you used to late every single night. Darling, please do not worry about me for I will be there with you when God lets me know that it is my time, then we will hold hands again while we fly with our pretty angel wings through all of the beautiful clouds high above in the sky. I can still, remember the very first time that our eyes had ever met and even after all these years that we were together I have never had even one regret. One day I may need to mo

A blind man cannot see

A blind man cannot see A blind man cannot see what your race is or the color of your skin, so I started thinking that maybe we should all be blind so that we can start to and try to understand where it was all of this hate and resentment that we have against each other had really started and when it might end. We are all stuck living here together on this rock that revolves around our sun with one moon, we are all of one race on this one planet it is called the human race, do you all not wonder why it is we all cannot just get along? I often wonder to myself since we are all stuck here on this little planet, fighting, hating, stealing, raping, hurting, killing one another, why cannot we just stop it and instead all have some fun. We have babies being born around the earth everywhere each and every single day, only filled with innocence and love so why must we teach our children to hate and violence? Why must they learn to kill off all the white doves, we have wars and are fighting eve

Hope (a Prayer for Ryder)

Hope (A prayer for Ryder) I was sitting alone in the park one day at lunch and I sat on the same bench where Ryder and I used to play, we would sing our songs and laugh and pray while letting the world go by, those were bright and sunny days of just him and I. Then as I looked up it hit me I was staring right at the tree where I carved out our initials for everyone to see, so I got up and I looked but all the tears that were now falling it was hard for me to find anything at all but then I found them and it read “I love Ryder and Ryder loves me”. All of sudden I got a sharp pain in my chest and I fell hard to the ground, it hit me so hard that it knocked me to my knees, I looked all around and saw that everyone was watching so I threw my fist up into the air and I lifted my head up to God and I screamed as loud as I could why me? Why would you bring him into my life knowing how much I would care? I gave that little boy everything I had left to give in my heart, in my soul, all my stre

My Epitaph

I would like this to be my epitaph and read at my funeral, please.  I was not afraid of life or death but of only being alone, and I am not frightened to go I am not scared at all for I will finally be back home. To my fellow Poets, we shall not ever say goodbye, for our souls will  never leave as we will remember  each other until the ends of all  eternity. Even though the pages  that we write may change or even  sometimes disappear, all of the  ink that we spill every day of our lives and in death, comes from the same well, as we will always  share, so remember that every single drop that falls no matter where we are or when will all  flow back together until we meet up  yet again in the end. Live, Love, Life, in poetry forever. To my fans, friends, and family t hank you for everything you have done for me especially all the likes and comments, your emails, text, and messages with all the words you have written for me has kept me alive by keeping a spark in my soul

I have risen

Hate is very ugly to look at it will weigh you down, consuming everything about you until you are covered and buried underneath it. I have risen I have risen up from out of my prison built out of sorrow, misery, and pain, where I have been locked away and forgotten in the cold and bitter darkness that surrounds me, so lonely and frightened from the days back before yesterday through all of my many tomorrows, until today, no, as I have finally got a way to be free, for God in all of His Glory has given me the keys which I have been missing, to unlock all of the lies that have chained me made by my own guilt in the false truths that I now hideaway while blaming all the others for what was living and breathing in my own mixed up and twisted mind where an evil lives and hides among all the good that I have inside, as it started out slowly even diabolically methodically killing off all of who it is I ever was by taking away everything I had than anyone I have loved including my ow


Life As the sun started rising up causing a beautiful reddish-gold color in the morning skies a single teardrop formed then fell from the corner of my eyes as the many thoughts of you and others started running through my head and it was at that very moment that I had come to realize that as people come and go in and out our lives, they touch us all in different ways than any have before, some of them will teach us, love, while others teach us to hate but it is the ones that you remember most that will last forever as a piece of who we are and become either way whether you meet by chance or maybe even fate, you learn from one another through all of your mistakes and when it is finally over and we reach the very end, we look back upon our life at all our enemies and friends, hoping we made all the right choices, I believe that the ones who win in this game in which we call life, is the ones who leave this place with a peace at heart filled with nothing but love no regrets with asp

Two Hearts Beating

Two Hearts Beating Two hearts that are beating as one pounding out the rhythm of a song about love. Two minds that are thinking like one knowing that they love one another through all of the bad times and all of the fun. Two souls that are connected until the very end loving one another with love is all they send. Two bodies together as if they were only one making love forever never will it end. You and I are lovers that are reaching heights unknown together and ascending evermore, never again will others feel this way as we become legends, stories, and lore knowing we are a couple until all the time is gone and with how we feel about each other how could this be wrong? When I put that ring on your hand know it was for life I never imagined the love we would share as I, your loving husband and you, my beautiful wife. Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. A Poet's Journey

Another one bites the dust

So you know my story here is another chapter. Another one bites the dust you may not have been the perfect mother but you were a hell of a lot better than I was a father but to tell the truth I was really not all that bad, I may not have been there as much as I should have, I was doing the best that I could at that time working hard breaking my damn back just to make a dime trying hard to show my boys that I was not a loser but became one just the same in their eyes anyway, meeting someone new hoping they were the one then find out just a few years later that they lied and cheated and another one down and another one down another one bites the dust hey I cannot help the way I feel giving away all my love than falling hard and fast then getting married because of I cannot be lonely when she asks but it never does last, causing an emotional breakdown every time a relationship fell apart and the more my heart would tear breaking so many times that I lost count so now It is beyon

Life perseverance

Growing up down here on this planet is really tough it is a constant battle every day just trying to make it through we are always having to make tough decisions like what to eat where should we live who do we love should we hate and why using only the little bit of the knowledge that we have gathered to understand what is right from wrong and you only have a fifty-fifty chance so let me try to help you out. First of all you really do need to live for yourself before you give to anyone else or this life will tear you down as in wear you out reak quick. See if I have learned anything in this life at all that I have lived up until now are just a few things you need to know and always no matter what try to remember so will make it through is that no matter what anybody says or does the only thing that ever really changes I mean if anything changes at all would be time itself so try not ever sweat the small stuff or it will eat you up from inside, also and let me make this clear; cheaters