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My music.. Wow

Wow I had no idea... Awesome N1M N1M URL: NumberOneMusic URL: N1M Charts | week 42, 2023 Hi Richard M Knittle Jr. ! Congratulations, Your songs in Hot 1000 N1M Chart! A little southern comfort #6 for Acoustic in United States, Texas  #13 for Acoustic in United States  #57 for All Genres in United States, Texas  #610 for All Genres in United States    Your love is now part of me. #19 for Acoustic in United States Texas #148 for Acoustic in United  States   You gave me.mp3 #98 for Acoustic in United States, Texas  Regards, N1M team Get Maximum Exposure!

My Father's Son

M  y father’s son As I sit here shivering in the cold all alone in the  dark on a floor made of dirt and I wonder to myself  if it is going to be my unchangeable destiny to become  my father’s son, so full of anger and disgust for not  turning out how he wanted me to be, for in his eyes I  am nothing more than a total failure who could never  get it right, always shaking his head when I come into  his sight telling my mother to ask me a question while  he is standing right there in front of me like I never existed what in the hell did he do this time then wallking away  making me feel so little like I just committed some  heinous crime against humanity for just being born,  causing me to hate my life, so then I try to find a different way to escape trying everything I can so that I did not  have to feel the pain now I just want to get high to forget  the crappy life I have lived always making the wrong  choices