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Will Still

Will Still The sun will still shine and birds will still sing the rain will still fall along with the leaves from the trees while the waves will still crash down upon the sandy beach  snow will still fall in the mountains in the winter at least who knows how deep the flowers will still bloom when it comes to the spring the rivers will still flow and the fish will still swim in the oceans and lakes birthdays will still come to blow out candle sticks christmas will still come except there will be one person less that would be me Just more food for you to eat maybe less presents under the tree then a new year will still come the next will still too bombs will still drop and bullets will still fly killing innocent people who will  still die in wars around the world before breakfast I never knew why the moon will still rise every single  Night just as the sun will fall in the  west making love to each other as they have done now for ages humans will still fight over some thing called religi