Halo and Horns

Halo and Horns

This girl sitting right next to me is an angel but
one with both halo and horns sexy, intelligent,
a beautiful rose she is but you better watch out
for the thorns. Her looks are like a model wearing
leather and lace with a very gorgeous body to
match her pretty face, take heed when I say do
not try to capture her for she is as free as the
west texas winds, for her I would have done just
about anything I may have even sinned, our time
spent together was one I enjoyed the most so
as I say my goodbye a drink we shall toast, to
you my little khaos wherever you are bound you
did more for me then you can ever know for a
heart that has been lost you helped it to be found.
A friend in me for life you shall have always to
keep, just call if you need me or drop me a line
it is easy to find me just follow the ink that I have
spilt for you my little angel whose life just like
mine is always in khaos as we constantly seek
out peace just so you know if you read this I miss
you my dear friend as my eyes now do weep.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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