One thing on our minds.

The very instant that I laid
my eyes upon you my dear
my mind already started
making love to you and as I
stood there and I stared just
watching you I was frozen
mesmerized by your sheer
and utter beauty and the
bouncing of the many curls
In your hair and I swear I was
not looking at your breast under
that light sweater that you wore
but at that very minute I did
so much want to ask you if
were you cold but right then
I lost my breath to tell you
the truth I guess I had felt just
a little guilty, but I was already
half way done undressing you
when right then you turned and
caught me and if on queue you
looked at me straight in the
eyes as we both mouthed that
before I am done I am going to
get me some of that fun.
It did not take long after that
moment in time that we both
fell in love with each other
just like two school kids looking
for places to be alone alone
everywhere so we could get us
some, after hours at your work
on your desk, the men and
woman's restrooms in the
restaurant and gas stations on
the way home, in the front and
backseat of our cars and even
empty houses for sale or rent,
we never did rest with our
hands in places that were in
and out of sight, our tounges
and our mouths always felt
oh so right no matter what
day it was or night
we had no shame with only
each other to blame and it was
never tame if you remember
right. Here we are together after
all of these many years later
and we have weathered all
kinds of weather through the
brightest of days and the
darkest of nights through all
of the sicknesses that we have
had and all of our health just so
you know I still stare at you
even more than that very first
moment in time so when I still
lay my eyes on you my mind
race's back to like we were still
high school boys and girls with
one thing on our minds and that
is how much I love you.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poets Journey


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