I can remember a time and place back before
cell phones and pagers the internet if you
can believe that when the world did not turn
as fast as it does today, back when you worked
hard for the money you made that actually was
enough pay to pay all your bills and live, where
the friends that you made back then are the
same ones you have today, spending time
talking and riding bikes until the streetlights
came on at night watching Disney on Sunday
night before bed, what I would like to know is,
whatever happened to that place that I
used to know? Where smiles and happiness
could be seen on the faces of all my friends
family even strangers everywhere you would
go. What happened to the time from where I
used to be a place families all sat down at the
table together for breakfast and dinner held
hands bowed their heads and prayed to thank
God for what they had to eat, they all laughed,
joked talked about school or work and all of
the fun times that they had that day and week?
What happened to those people we all
used to be where we cared about each other

and it was not just a world that revolved around
only you. What happened to the humans from
whence the word humanity actually came?
Because with people killing each other over
religion, gender, or the color of your skin if that
is what they call "Humanity" then please let us
change the name, the word itself humanity is
a noun, plural it is humanities. 1.the quality or
state of being human. the quality or state of
being kind to other people or to animals but if
you look around the world today and what we
have now become, the definition is just not the
same. I dream of peace on earth among all of
mankind the way God had intended it to be since
the beginning of all mankind. If we cannot or
will not all learn to get along soon then this so
called humanity and humans will all be gone
only just history.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
Poet's Journey


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