I will be there with you

Written for a friend of mine

I will be there with you

When I went to bed last night I started thinking
about you again and tears began falling from
my eyes, you left me all alone and by myself
before I could truly let you know how much
I loved you or to kiss you so I could say goodbye.
I know that you are watching me and that you
will never be all that far for our souls are still
dancing close together to the beating of my
heart. I dream of you whenever I close my
eyes and I still feel you like you are holding
me tight in your arms like you used to late
every single night. Darling, please do not
worry about me for I will be there with you
when God lets me know that it is my time,
then we will hold hands again while we fly
with our pretty angel wings through all of the
beautiful clouds high above in the sky. I can
still, remember the very first time that our eyes
had ever met and even after all these years
that we were together I have never had even
one regret. One day I may need to move on
in my life and I just might meet someone
you just never know and even though they
may steal my heart away from you my

dear, you will always and forever have my soul.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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