I have risen

Hate is very ugly to look at it will weigh you down, consuming everything about you until you are covered and buried underneath it.

I have risen

I have risen up from out of my prison built out
of sorrow, misery, and pain, where I have been
locked away and forgotten in the cold and bitter
darkness that surrounds me, so lonely and
frightened from the days back before yesterday
through all of my many tomorrows, until today,
no, as I have finally got a way to be free, for God
in all of His Glory has given me the keys which I
have been missing, to unlock all of the lies that
have chained me made by my own guilt in the
false truths that I now hideaway while blaming
all the others for what was living and breathing
in my own mixed up and twisted mind where an
evil lives and hides among all the good that I have
inside, as it started out slowly even diabolically
methodically killing off all of who it is I ever was
by taking away everything I had than anyone I
have loved including my own children whom I
miss and love very much until all that was left
behind was the empty shell of myself until today
when God our kind and wonderful King, gave me
hope which I have not felt in so long and strength
to chase all my demons away as he helped me to
once again understand what love
really is between a woman and a
man. So here I stand right here
today right in front of the world all
my family, friends and all my fans
as I fall down upon my knees while
begging you please for all of you
and God high above to forgive me
for all of my sins as I opened up
my heart and let him in to fill with
love and peace again so that I may
now begin to reach out and spread
all the true love that I can and
to all of those people whose love I
have ever lost forsaken or just
thrown away, I am here to say that
I am sorry for ever hurting you as
my intentions were never to harm
any part of you, I gave you my love
as deep as any man ever can and
did the very best I could at the time that
had but it was obviously never quite
enough so instead of taking the blame
I blamed you for everything coming
down on you like I was a king and
you were nothing at all while hurting
and destroying any hope of restoring
anything at all burning my bridges
slamming the door calling you all
names like birches and whores, but
I know now that love still and will
and last forever but not the way I
wanted so forgive me if you can if
not that is I okay I will without a
doubt totally understand, but I will
still in my heart. mind and soul take a
small piece of you everywhere I go
as I give up any and all hate I have
I still do love and always will everyone
of you until the end of all time.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
#Poets Journey


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