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To my wife,

In my life this one I now lead, I in all these many years have never seen somebody more incredibly beautiful  than thee, barely a woman still in your teens was  the first time I had ever seen this beauty that stands before me, watching year by year becoming more beautiful than the year before have surpassed what I have known is beautiful to transform into another kind of beauty which is far more than this world shall ever know, you are by far sexier than any beauty  queen, as your soul is as old as time itself, and want you to know that it reaches out to me late at night to  wake my sleeping soul so they could talk about the  days before in other lifetimes in which they lived as  friends and lovers for ten thousand years, then they look into each other's eyes they start to dance among  all planets and the stars up in the midnight skies when  they are finished they hold on to each other tight as  they make love to one another until the morning light,  like the moon and sun do twice