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I FIGHT It seems to me that we are fighting a war from the day we are born even conceived everyday just to stay alive and I  for one am just a little tired of  needing to fight some sort of battle every single day of my life.  I fight to wake up in the morning  I fight to go to sleep at night  I fight to have dreams instead of nightmares when I close my eyes I fight to stand up for what I believe in I fight against what I don't I fight just to find something to eat  I fight to pay all my bills on time I fight to pay rent  I fight to find a job that will pay what I need and one that I like I fight for a day off from this war sometime I fight to stand my ground  I fight my dremons that live inside of me  I fight for the knowledge to know how  I fight for freedom from oppression  I fight to free my mind  I fight because uncle Sam asked me to  I fight just to be found  I fight for all my sons whom I miss

I love you more

I love you more I just wanted you to know that whenever I s ay to you that "I love you  more" I do not mean I love you more than you love me, it means I love you more then any bad times that are a head of us, it means I love you more than any fight we will ever have, even  more than the distance that is now between us, it means I love you more than anybody or anyone who might try to get between us I will love more than all the stars above you as in always and forever and nothing will ever change that, it means that I have loved you since the first time I saw you, and It means  I will love you until the ends of time it means I love you from the time I wake up for the day until the time I go to sleep at night where I will love you more in all of my dreams, it means I will Iove you more then all than the sun burns bright and I will  Iove you more than all the tears that shall fall from our eyes, it means


I have said most of my life is the only regrets I have was for all the decisions I never mad but I was wrong I ain't gonna lie I have many regrets in my life made my share of mistakes I should have said no more often and yes in more situations should have looked right instead of left should of went to bed instead of staying up had a few less whiskeys and few more wines should have walked away more times then stood my ground I should have said I love you more to the ones I loved should of lusted less when I had to much fun should have listened more to my heart and soul instead of listening to my second head who always played the fool, I should have listened to my parents growing up spent more time with them before their time runs out should have gotten closer with all my kids instead sitting here wishing I did I can say I would do things different if I had the chance sorry that's another lie in this short life we dance. Poet Richard M Knittle Jr

Here is to all the lost and lonely people.

Here is to all the lonely people: Here is to all of those lost and lonely people who have been living their lives trapped in a world of darkness in a deep sadness with the feeling as if they were all alone, no matter what they were doing, where they are, and who it is that may be around, whose cries for help go unanswered, every single night and through out the day coming from all of their cries and screams that never make any sounds, the ones who are living somewhere in their nightmares where their hopes and dreams will never be found, here is to all the lost and lonely people who have lived locked away while chained within their own minds caused by some sort of mental illnesses where diagnosing is sometimes hard to find. Here is to all the lost and lonely people who live in a agonizing pain twenty-four hours a day coming from all the scars of a broken heart that will never be the same, who have lost a battle of finding love in loves war that rages on. Searching their whole lif