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Into the Light: A Poets Journey Live reading Part one

Into the Light: A Poets Journey Live reading 5.0 out of 5 stars  Five Stars By Tracey Reddick March 14, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase Loved it!

I do not believe that Poetry can truly be taught. I am a firm believer that everyone is already born with it already in his or her souls, the key is finding out what will awaken it.


Poets are born from the same soul who are down here on earth without their wings to heal a broken world and more.


I just want you know

I just want you to know. I just want you to know that I miss you and the love that we once had more and more every single day, I know they say that time heals our wounds and that we move on eventually, but just so you know It is not always true for your memories will never fade and they shall always remain for all these tears that fall down my face for you when I am alone still carry the very thoughts and feelings of you every single day, I truly do believe that in our short lives that we all live, love will come and love will go but if you are one of those lucky enough to have fate on your side you will meet that one person who is special over all others that we meet they will be that one whom you will always in your remember forever through all the ends of time for the true love you shared while you were together was very strong and deep, that one you still maybe with forever or maybe even for just a few days or even

A Classic Love

A Classic Love. I have been thinking about the love that we now share and I truly now believe that there is no other love that has ever been or that can ever compare to the love that we have now or ever will be. Our love Is more like the most expensive wines that have been ever been made, for as our love ages it gets so much better over time, a flush like the one that is now upon your face no not like just a glass or even a bottle but the whole case after making love to you from the dark of night until the early morning light, or like a fine white wine just as pure as our love and the devotion that we have for each other that I find so divine, even like a beautiful merlot or red wine just like the fire and the passion that we show for each other with nothing else that ever needs to be said. Maybe it is like the classical music of our past, just like a Mozart pia