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I want to be

I want to be Hey Baby, I just wanted to leave a note just so you would know, what you mean to me, and though I know that we just barely met and love is always a gamble but with you, I will place that bet even though it may be way too early for some, I have already fallen in love with you, so now I want to be that memory when you are all alone, you know, the one that makes you smile when you hear your favorite song, that one you roll the window down to, when the sun comes out to warm your heart and soul on a cold winters day, I want to be the memory that you think about when you and all your friends are out, wondering why you have those sparkles in your eyes and that grin on your face, I want to be the one you feel when you are all alone in bed at night who makes you feel all right with just the scent of me still lingering in the air from that special night that you and I held on tight until the sun came up when the daylight found us making love, then I wanna to be sitting there n

Love and Poetry: Lost through time

It is always extremely exhilarating when you finally receive a copy of your book they are absolutely beautiful this is the special edition that will only have fifty of this cover made. here is five of them. Love and Poetry: Lost through time. Only 15.99 for over 600 pages

The final deal

This is part three of my Epic Poem called "Conversations with God and the Devil" the first part was called "I saw God" the second "I talked to the Devil" "The final deal" Just as the Devil started shuffling and dealing the cards all the while mumbling under his breath to himself the whole time about how everyone was cheating and that he should be the one who was winning as he was giving everyone at the table the evil eye with that damn stupid grin of his then stopping at me and trying hard to stare me down all pissed off because of our past experiences, when I kicked his ass, so I went ahead took that chance to look up for a very quick glance around the poker table curious about who I just might see, sitting in tonight for this epic poker game, I started shaking my head while thinking to myself, "Yes indeed this will be an interesting game," because on sitting on my right was God, and if I remember our long conversation that we had wh

New Song I should have told her

I should have told her I laid in bed without you counting all the stars just to know how many wishes I had to make a wish that you were back here in this bed laying in my arms I miss you more than I ever thought I could and I need you more than I even knew I would I wish I would have told you I wish I would have said I wish you were laying laying laying right here next to me in this bed. You left me all alone without even a clue of who I was what we were before I ever knew that love needs to hear love needs share because I always thought that you knew I should have said it showed you more it's too late but so you know I love you and I always will. Chorus You got to hold her tight every night and tell her what the truth is let her know how much love you have for her if you don't she'll be gone without a sign I wish I had told her then and maybe just maybe she would still be mine. If you were here in front of me I would show you so you could see I loved you then, in fact, I

Black and white is not a color

black and white is not a color Maybe if we all just stopped whatever we are doing right at this moment then stepped back from life however we are living it just for a few moments then try to remember back about everything that has happened to us because of our skin and the names that we are called like colored folks or whitey then listen for the truth which is we have many colors that are in the rainbows in fact they are in order of Violet, Indigo. Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red notice something I do black and white are missing nowhere to be found the fact is that black and white are not really “colors” at all they are neutrals in the world that we all live in, so I need to really wonder why is there so much hate and violence over just the color of our skins? Why do we fight when anyways since we are not a color after all? I mean hell, we are not even on the color wheel my friends, we work together well in the world of color take for example the keys on a piano that all come toge