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I talked to the Devil

I talked to the Devil

I talked to the Devil just the other day and
I asked him a question just to see what he
might have to say, I said "Hey Devil It has been
very long while since we spoke last but I can
see that the wound healed quite nicely where
I beat your ass" He stopped right there dead in
his tracks then he turned around ever so slowly
then looked me right square in the eyes with
that damn evil grin he always has then he
started rubbing his wound as he said with a snarl
and of course a few bad words out of his filthy
foul mouth "so what is the question that you want
to ask my old friend?" So I thought for just a
minute and I took a big breath and then I stepped
back away, ready for a fight, you see I have
fought many times with the Devil and all of the
demons that he sends and the one thing that
I do know for sure is that Devil will never quit,
never stop, or give up trying to beat you until the
very end so I said "Hey Devil why do you always
need to be so…

Live Poetry by Richard M Knittle Jr.

Meant to be

This was something that I was writing to a friend that somehow became this, I think I was born in the wrong century or even wrong planet. 
Meant to be
As I sit here in the quite ofa sleeping house my mindbegins to wander and I startthink about you as always docausing me to wonder whereyou are at this very momentand what you might be doingright now then I start to  realize how much that I trulydo miss you, not necessarilybeing together as a couplebut the texting all hours ofthe day and night or talkingabout this and that, listeningto what I need to say, or evenas I read you a poem, yousee I love you so very muchand I always will but more inaway you may never reallyunderstand. Throughout myentire life I have always feltthat I was just I guess a littlebit different then anyone else  what I mean by that is I thinkabout so many more thingsthen most people, deep andmeaningful, well at least tome anyways, for example Icannot understand why somany people care about thecolor of another's per…

The truth about addiction

My eyes open up to the view of a dirty street someone
stole the shoes that were on my feet shivering it is so
cold broke no more dope feeling sick hungry stomach
wondering where in the hell I am this time around close
my eyes hoping this is just another nightmare but it is not
so I punch the ground break my hand and the tears begin
to fall then splash on the  so I scream out to nothing
but the echoes of my own voice looking around seeing
the shadows of myself looking back at me shaking their head
as if to say what the hell did you do this time you lose you
will never amount to anything hearing the condescending voice
of my father while seeing the disappointed look on my mothers
face hearing the screaming and the fighting as they argue
it is not their fault well he is your son then I realize that I need
to get high but I am so God damn tired and have no more
fucking strength to continue on fighting all the demons that
we ourselves all make, all the battles raging on every single
day an…

You gave me


Your love is now part of me


Close my eyes


A Little Southern Comfort




A bar named forever


Nothing I wouldn't do

This is my latest song that I wrote today it is a song about addiction I could see as a rock ballad.. Let me know what you think.
Nothing I wouldn't do
I am standing here out in 
the rain under the dark
cold clouds of the winter
skies staring in the
dirty windows through a
strangers eyes waiting for
you to come back to me
watching the pages of
my life roll by as the ink I
write begins to spill
waiting for you to come
back to this place
so desperate to
see Your face why
Won't you meet me in
our broken place.

I need to feel your skin
against mine one more time
can you show me how
to make me feel again
there's no one who
can do what you can to me
And nothing I wouldn't do
to make you see without you
I'm nowhere I want to be.
What else is there left
for me to say
I am waiting for you
to came back to me
even as the days of last
begin to fade away
I am waiting for you to
come back to me
I keep screaming out
your name they all believe
I am insane will you meet
me one last time in our

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Over one year in the making taking over 600 pages with 68,339 words created by the spilled ink of Texas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020 Richard M Knittle Jr. while he has been on A Poets Journey. Love and Poetry: Lost through time: A Poets Journey also comes in two different covers created by Richard M Knittle Jr. with his breathtaking photography with cover one only available for a very short time, with no more than 200 to be sold.
This collection of pieces that I have written is, in my opinion, some of my best writing thus far in my short endeavor into being an author, they are poems and quotes about relationships that I have had over my lifetime and though most I will never see or hear from again they are still and will always be very much alive in my ink.
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Kindle Free Days

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Ryder and I want to wish all of you and your friends and families a very safe and Merry Christmas this year and as I do every single year a gift to show you how much I love you all I am giving away all of my books including the new “Love and Poetry: Lost through time” that is right they are FREE for download. Remember you do not need a Kindle to download, here is a link to all the Kindle apps for the PC, Mac, Android, IOS
I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday season and remember to treat everyone with love and respect and smile.
From Love and Poetry: Lost through time


Baby, you are the very first
breath that I inhaled today
and every day while being
that last breath that I will
ever exhale that day living
as forever and always on
my mind in my night time
day dreams since that morning
that you and I said tha…

Crafty things

I am patting myself on the back doing crafty things for Christmas. My photography, my ink, 8×8 Glossy Picture, i/2 inch wood frame, black toll paint, and picture lights. "and we made love under the shooting stars that were falling down around us like fireflies by the lake" total cost about $10.00. What do you think?

On her knee

As the snow started to fall creating a very cold day he was out looking for a few dozen long stemmed red roses for the beautiful woman whom he loved and was ready on this very day to ask her to marry him but on the way home he saw a homeless woman and her daughter so he stopped what he was doing bought them a hot meal then handed the flowers to the mother who said they were pretty and  bought the little girl some toys and clean clothes then without hesitation brought them home where as soon as she seen what his heart had done got down on her knee and instead asked him to marry her and their once upon a time ended up being a happily ever after for all four of them.
Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.A #Poets JourneyTexas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year may Poetry bring peace to your soul and warmth to your heart along with blessings to all.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.A #Poets JourneyTexas Poet Laureate Nominee 2016-2020

Merry Christmas Kindle Free Days

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Merry Christmas to you and your family's from Ryder and I and as a gift to show you how much I love you all I am giving all of my books including the new Love and Poetry: Lost through time are Free for download.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday season and remember to treat everyone with love and respect and smile.

An addict like myself

An addict likeAn addict who like myself all first chose to get high ford different reasons really, I mean I started because I am in the total belief that experimenting or trying
everything one time is how
you go through life at least
if you want to live it, I mean I
wanted to see for myself
what the hell the hype is all
about I mean a war? On the
same people who have
created it? That is really absolutely absurd like law
enforcement watching over
themselves, no damn
wonder we have so many
innocent people in jail, I
mean if you sat down and
read the Rico act they
themselves should be
arrested and put away the police are the epitome of a gang, they break more
laws that all of us combined,
See when they get pulled
over, oh here is my badge so
that means I get a free pass
a get out of jail a free card
hell I would like to shove
that badge so far up their
asses they would need a
partner to stick his head
up there, hey wait they do
anyway ,so back to being
an addict y…

For breast cancer

For Breast Cancer (A little Pun)
I just want to say to all of you beautiful ladies meaning every woman around this world living under our big bright beautiful shining sun, my name is Richard M Knittle Jr. and I am a best selling author and Poet, the reason for my visit you see is that I have just a very small favor that I would like to ask of you , well actually it would be two favors and they may be bigger flavors then I may ever really know, Do you think that for just a few brief moments in time that I might be able to see your beautiful boobs and no it is not why you may think it is at all, you see I am a Poet who is a dreamer and to be honest I am looking for a dream and I would love to dream about your incredibly beautiful breast, You may not know it but if you show them you see they carry every single letter that makes up all of the words to every single love poem that I have or will ever write or have spilled from my pen or even have left my lips with a low moaning sound underneat…