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No longer afraid of the dark

When you are lonely and sick thinking to yourself that you're going to end up dying alone, a smile or laughter are a few things that just do not come around, so you cut yourself off from family and friends lock yourself in your room and stare at the walls waiting to die like I was, you do not expect somebody you have always loved and I wondered what if for the last eight years, and you always wrote about calls you up out of nowhere after two years of wondering what the hell happened to them and ask you to marry them. of course, you would say yes .. did just that she brought me out of the deep depression I was made me feel good about myself made me get better giving me something more to look forward to calling me every day to make sure I was doing what the doctors said making sure I was taking my meds giving me a purpose in life again she did all that for me .. how it all ended is one thing that is what addiction does to you it's an ugly disease but regardless she saved my life

Scars upon my heart

All the scars upon my heart  were placed there by those  who had supposedly loved  me at one time or another each and everyone of them promising they would never  hurt me like all those before  but they did anyway and now  are gone like the dust in the  wind leaving me with a heart that is broken shattering into  so many pieces that I may never be able to find all the parts no matter how hard I try as they were scattered by the winds  of change landing throughout all of time as I try so hard to understand why love has been so painful for me always giving them everything I have to give all my secrets my trust my love why is it that it is never quite enough for anybody even while I believe in everybody when will somebody finally believe in me. Poet Richard M Knittle Jr A Poet's Journey