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When God made beautiful

When God made Beautiful.  When God made beautiful on that very  faithful day he was thinking only about  you in every single way for every time I  see you I drop down to my knees looking  up to heaven then I begin to pray "first I  want to say thank you God for sending  me this angel of mercy in my time of need turning my dark and lonely life into light  where I was blind but now I can see filling  up my heart once again of love, hope, and  strength so I can move forward erasing all  of my misery and pain away Second I would like to say that I love you and her both unconditionally thank you so much for  showing me how to love and to her for making Love to me every night until the sun comes up making love to the moon all day In bed just me and you every time you kiss me you Send a shiver down my spine causing a fire to ignite Sending flames of heated passion as I hold you  In my arms feeling your naked beautiful naked breast rise up and fall with your  ever single breath when we ar

Set the world on fire

  Set the world on fire Way back when I was still in school around the age of about oh let's just say it was a long time ago when I was a lot younger than I am today, back when I still believed in real true love, truth, justice, and even the American way, when nothing but love and a childish innocence was all that I had along with possibly a slightly skewed sense of what was right and what was wrong. I was only just a young man who happened to believe still in what freedom is supposed to be and the American flag, even the Office of the President no matter who was filling it, I guess maybe looking back, I was what they called a dreamer always believing I could, for some reason or another, make things a little better but I know now back then my head was stuck somewhere up in the clouds as I filled it full up with unrealistic expectations of who or what I would be when I grew up. But I know now all of those thoughts were really more like delusions of grandeur. just a child make believ

My take on Christianity, Religion, and Spiritually that nobody wants you to see.

Yeah I'm probably going to hell with this one... Forgive me father for I have sinned... This is an emergency broadcast...    My take on Christianity, Religion, and Spiritually that nobody wants you to see.  Dancing with the so-called devil is sometimes  something in my life that I have for one reason  or another done very well and quite easily in  actuality, all the while already knowing that  even at the end of the paths that I walked and  all roads that I have traveled, when it is time  for me to finally leave this world and my  human body fades away to nothing more I know that my soul will be heaven bound for sure,  while I do live my life to the best of my ability  because life just is not worth living if you are not trying everything that you and I possibly  can so why don't we take a ride down to the  wild side of town for my own pleasure or  curiosity if that may be for it is my right as a  human being to make mistakes for it is very true that everyone once in a while ne

End of my days

  When I met you for that very first time I thought to myself she must be an angel and God must be looking down upon me and sent you from heaven to save me from a life of lonely misery then before I knew it I was down on one knee holding your hand asking you to marry me, you said yes then we said I do soon after we flew to heaven and stayed there quite a while what happen next that I am unsure because the next thing I knew we were walking through hell itself, fifteen years is not a short amount of time to be together going through what we have gone through weathering all the storms and bad weather as we learned to love and to hate each other but I never thought that we would never be together always believing we could somehow work it out like we always did, but I guess I was wrong which would not be the first time or even the last I never meant to hurt you I only tried my best to fix you never wanted to change who you are yet I only preceded in breaking myself then we together broke us