Life perseverance

Growing up down here on this planet
is really tough it is a constant battle
every day just trying to make it through
we are always having to make tough
decisions like what to eat where should
we live who do we love should we
hate and why using only the little bit of
the knowledge that we have gathered
to understand what is right from wrong
and you only have a fifty-fifty chance so
let me try to help you out. First of all
you really do need to live for yourself
before you give to anyone else or this
life will tear you down as in wear you
out reak quick. See if I have learned
anything in this life at all that I have
lived up until now are just a few things
you need to know and always no matter
what try to remember so will make it
through is that no matter what anybody
says or does the only thing that ever
really changes I mean if anything
changes at all would be time itself
so try not ever sweat the small stuff
or it will eat you up from inside, also
and let me make this clear; cheaters
will always cheat and liars will always
lie it is not any one's fault but their
own so do not let them fool you at
all and here are just a few more that
I have learned first hand to keep you
from the pain of a broken heart but
just in case it does not and you do
not know who to trust just know that
haters will always hate lovers will
always love givers will always give
and takers will always take, and time
will heal all wounds and the last thing
is our hearts are meant to break to
wake us up to let us know we are still
alive to make it through another day
to live, love, and help one another out
in this game, we call life.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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