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You know that lump on the back of your throat you get when you know that when you drop her off it will be the last time you will ever say goodbye, wishing it would have been different but knowing it was the same, tired of all the games being played, believing they were a friend or even more ignoring all the signs, just giving her a little more time it will be different but it never is even someone you may have known for a very long time so what is so fucking wrong with this world today people dying more each day it seems as if this generation is not gonna save the world they are all to damn lazy to even get a job instead living day by day begging everyone for money drugs food and a place to stay never paying for bills to busy frying their brains with perks only looking for thier next fix trying to pull all those licks stealing anything they can lift lying about everything they did do or done while the girls are all looking for thier next tricks what is going on with the world it seems

I want to be

  I want to be Hey Baby, I just wanted to leave a note so you would know how much you mean to me, and even though I know we had not seen each other in a couple of years. We always wrote to each other, keeping up with one another always fanning a spark that is now a fire and love is always a gamble, but with you, I will place that bet even though it may be way too early for some. I have already. fallen deeply in love with you again, so now I want to be that memory when you are all alone, you know, the one that makes you smile when you hear your favorite song, that one you roll the window down to when the sun comes out to warm your heart and soul on a cold winter's day, I want to be the memory that you think about when you and all your friends are out, wondering why you have those sparkles in your eyes and that grin on your face when you remembered the lake. I want to be the one you feel when you are all alone in bed at night. Who makes you feel all right with just the scent of me st

Innocent eyes

Innocent eyes Intimate moments like making love I am afraid do not come along very often for me, for I have not felt the soft loving touch of a woman in I cannot tell you for how long or a kiss upon my lips to keep me warm from the fires that will burn even higher and hotter then the sun or the moon, I go to sleep all alone in a bed that was built to be big enough for two as the only women that I ever see are when I close my eyes at night to fall asleep then only waking up soaked in a pool of sweat from all the heat of a passion of you and I making love, all night long wishing I could stay never going home, then when I wake up in the morning before the coming of the dawn from a brand new rising sun as I reach over just to hold her then realize something is wrong so I reluctantly turn my head slowly just to find that nobody is there, then once again I can feel a the teardrops begin to form remembering all of those beautiful memories back in a time when I once had it all, recalling all o


Dedicated to someone I am missing very much tonight whom I wonder is she missing me too. Intoxicating Your very essence is intoxicating to me causing me to become drunk by your beauty as it is always on my mind causing me to think about every inch of your body as I undress you ever so slowly while a blindfold covers your eyes, so that as my pen drops the ink that now covers you as it writes a story of what you do to me starting on the back of your neck where my lips start a journey of an unimaginable understanding feeling your warm soft skin ever so gently kissing the nape of your neck than ever so quietly whispering all the words that tell you what is coming next just as my hands come up from behind you exploring your beautiful bare breast feeling them as they rise and fall with your every breath while your nipples become erect as my lips continue to tickle behind your ear as you feel the tip of my pen brush up against your lower back, causing you to let out a loud sigh that heats the

I prefer the beauty

  My life used to mean something I was tan, skinny had tattoos and piercings a friend you could count on and for some reason always getting hit on by younger women no dumbasses not children but right now as it stands today. My life kinda sucks right to its core, as there are haters out there who are just jealous and talk out their ignorant thrown-off asses and say that I have Become a sick, twisted, perverted old man. What the hell have I done? It is not like I ask for anything or stare it is quite the opposite I swear it is because I am a good person who treats women with lots of respect and compassion most of the women that are my age are a little boring, not all of them, wrinkled, and wear moo moos way too small, not all, but some. Is it my fault? That I prefer the. beauty of a woman who is half my age they have soft skin, perky breasts, and are not afraid to f#$& Oh excuse me, I meant to say making love without bitching about everything under the sun first. The shy, innocent s