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Listen to my soul

Enjoy some spilled ink by Richard M Knittle Jr.

Enjoy some spilled ink by Richard M Knittle Jr.


A live taping of "Broken" A poem written and performed by Richard M Knittle Jr.​

A Little Southern Comfort

The song "A Little Southern Comfort" was

Written by Richard M Knittle Jr.

Music and Vocals Douglas Haines

Video by Richard M Knittle Jr.

I am in love with a fallen angel along with two brand ne songs called "Savior" and "A bar named forever"

I am in love with a fallen angel One of the saddest days that I have ever had in my whole entire life thus far, was the day that I held the most beautiful woman I have ever known tightly in my arms as she trembled against my body that was filled with more love for her then she could ever even Imagine and it was raging inside of me with flames smoldering like a fire burning out of control with so much passion that she herself or even anyone else for that matter would ever know, meanwhile a flood of tears were falling down like a bad winters storm somewhere out in the middle of the ocean from the deep dark sadness of her big brown sexy eyes that were reflecting all the signs of a hidden sorrow and the shadows that were left over of her much regretful past that seems to follow her everywhere she goes, as she sobbed and cried uncontrollably which was coming from her heart that had been badly broken so many times into a million pieces that it just may never heal again along with a wounde…