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I am only human

  I am only human, so yes, I will cry out in pain when I am hurt or sad or so joyful about that it touched me deep down to my soul, I weep for others whom I cannot help like the many homeless who are living on the streets just trying to find some shelter out of the cold even food and drink some have mental health issues which more than likely will never find a cure while others are addicts who will either figure it all out and climb out while others like some whom I know I am sad to say will not and this evil disease will take another friend or even someone in my family for sure while others wander with nowhere to go, yet still they are invisible to the world and even within themselves because maybe a child has died causing a full mental breakdown. I know it would happen to me or maybe lost the only job they ever knew or laid off still, just forgot who they were, a hero once who came back from a useless war lost somewhere inside of themselves fighting some enemy who is not there whose

Tis better to have loved

  'Tis better to have loved I just wanted you to know that I will always and forever have a love for you in my heart and deep down in my soul. Even if you walked away for whatever reasons you may have, as I will still continue to love you anyway, no matter how you may feel about me because I have loved you long before we got together and will continue to love you long after I am gone. I mean, after all, you made a dream of mine come true when you called me and ask me to marry you, they say 'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all and you know what? It is true for I never in my life believed that I could ever love again, but I was so very wrong, for you have shown me genuine love is supposed to be as my friend, my muse, my wife and lover too, you have reached in and awakened much more than you may ever know when you danced with my soul that day at the lake outside at midnight in the rain and you are the wishes upon my falling star, that came true you ha