Two Hearts Beating

Two Hearts Beating

Two hearts that are beating as one pounding out
the rhythm of a song about love. Two minds that
are thinking like one knowing that they love one
another through all of the bad times and all of the
fun. Two souls that are connected until the very
end loving one another with love is all they send.
Two bodies together as if they were only one making
love forever never will it end. You and I are lovers
that are reaching heights unknown together and
ascending evermore, never again will others feel
this way as we become legends, stories, and lore
knowing we are a couple until all the time is gone
and with how we feel about each other how could
this be wrong? When I put that ring on your hand
know it was for life I never imagined the love we
would share as I, your loving husband and you, my
beautiful wife.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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