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Rated MA One Night

My heart is pounding hard against my chest as I can feel the blood flowing through my body and I can not believe I am breathing this fast just trying to catch my breath then I look up here you come dressed or I should say lack of I see the piercings poking through that leaves nothing to the imagination but the sight of you causes me to lose control I mean mind goes to every hole you have I want to grab you by the hair and stick my tongue in your mouth as I rip your shirt hearing the buttons flying across the room, like casing hitting the floor as I reach down and around like a ninja with the lick of my wrist I undo your bra as it falls to the floor releasing your beautiful breasts as they bounce up and down then I give you another kiss at the same I grab on to one of your nipples that get so hard, it was as if they were standing at attention, applauding my intentions causing you to moan, which makes me let out my breath as my mouth sucks your tits, pinching your nipples causing a rip

A Poet's Journey: Quotes by Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.