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Leave me breathless

Leave me breathless. 
When I said that I loved you I meant for  it to last until the end of forever and a day  for your beauty and your smile and every thing about you leave me breathless with  nothing else that I can say, your loving ways  leave me full yet I am always wanting more  as my life has been no less than a dream  since the day you walked in through my door.  At night I stare at you while you are asleep  then I drop down on my knees and I thank  God that you are mine and I am yours forever  to keep and even though tears will fall it is  our love why I weep. You have changed my  lonely heart for now it skips a beat for a love  like ours we both know is one that we shall  keep, as we whisper to each other all the  words that we really mean, I love you more  and more as you whisper back darling I am  yours and here I stay forever for my love you  will no longer need to seek.  The days go by fast as the nights do to as  we make love to one another never are we  through, our souls who have been connec…

Back in the beginning

Back in the beginning.
Back in the beginning when  God created love he was  thinking of you and me, our  passion for each other Is as  hot as the fires of hell and that baby is not all that hard to see.  Compassion and trust is beyond a must for  relationships to last as lies and betrayal in  any form we shall never cast. The honesty and transparency  that we share between us we show for all to see is so  epic and beyond belief it is  incredibly hard to believe Our love we have for each  other will last till the days at end forever in love for  evermore between you and Me.
Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. A Poet's Journey A Texas Poet Laureate  Nominee 2016-2020

Awe and Wonder

Awe and wonder
Awe and wonder came over me  as I watched you while you slept  then I begin to wonder how such a beautiful angel ended up right  here next to me sleeping in my bed  either way now that you are here I  never want to let you go, I could tell  by the condition of the halo on your  head sitting sideways on your long  blonde hair that was all a mess with  just a little peak of your lovely perky  breast with your pink nipples still  erect all I know is that heaven and  a little bit of hell came together last  night right here on this bed. How it  happened is still a mystery I really  do not know for my memory is blank  like a camera with no film but I can  see that you are really damn sexy  more than anyone down on earth and I am pretty sure most likely even all  of heaven and hell you have the looks of an angel but make love like just like a demon by the marks on my body and neck and the feeling I have deep down inside my soul who by the way is  shaking not saying anything at all   I think I went to he…

I want too (Song)

So Blake Sheltons new song along with Gwen Steffani is called nobody but you, so I shared it but not before it inspired me to write my own new song.    
I want too
Wow I love this new song it grabbed me and slammed me to the ground for this is the love I was supposed to know what happened why did it pass me by what am I supposed to do now be lonely for the rest of my life?

Chorus  Love is all I have been looking for so why can I not find it am I looking for love way to hard could it all be a big mistake should I keep searching or should I wait until it finds me. 
All I want is to feel its warm embrace All I want is to feel her lips on mine and loves sweet taste All I want is hear her heart beat as it starts to race All I want is to lay love down looking face to face

Chorus  Love is all I have been looking for so why can I not find it am I looking for love way to hard could it all be a big mistake should I keep searching or should I wait until it finds me. 
I want somebody to say I Love you I want …



What ever happened to that good old place
that I used to know? That place I knew in my
childhood where smiles and happiness could
easily be seen on the faces of friends and
strangers everywhere you would go.
What ever happened to the time from where
I used to be? A place where families would
all sit down together for big breakfast and
seven course dinner when we would hold
hands around the table bowed our heads
and prayed to our almighty God for what
we had to eat, they all laughed, joked around
talked about school or work and all of the
fun times that they had that day and week?
What ever happened to those people the you
and I used to be where we all cared about
each other and helped each other out and it
was not just a world that revolves around me?
What ever happened to those humans from
whence the word humanity actually came?
Because with people killing each other over
religion, gender, or the color of your skin
because if that is what they call "Humanity"
then please let us change th…

I I really never took the time.

I really never took the time

I really never took the time to realize that
you look even more gorgeous every single
time that I see you, just like you were a very rare
and beautiful love poem that was written of a
true love for forever from a once upon a
time to happily ever after who's ink was
used to last a lifetime than on into eternity
where your very soul and essence would be
spread out through all of the sands of time,
which, at that moment by just whispering
into your ear being carried by all the winds
of yesterday into the here and now by a
very familiar sounding voice that said
"it was still falling short of the time you
and I would spend together if one day
you were mine for I have wished a wish
on hundreds of falling stars shooting across
the galaxy that you one day would be mine."
Your beauty and sheer presence will always
be haunting me for all of those times that
you had danced with my soul with memories
that will live inside of me playing until the
day God decides to take me away…

The higher you get.

The higher you get

You need to save yourself It is
not to late for you but for me
there is nothing you can do, you
cannot keep this soul from falling
or its heart above that is dying
no, I am the captain of my own life
so I am going down with my own
sinking ship, that is named after
me it is called one fucking mess,
over turned by monster waves in
the oceans of misery and regret
pounded hard by the storms of
sorrow with guilt, so to those who
can still hear me get away, run, or
swim its time to save yourselves
go ahead abandon this drowning
wreak, years of living all alone in the
darkness that you know you can
never escape with all those voices
arguing in my brain, there is never
peace in the land of no sun, battles
raging day and night, emotions
changing it their right, hating everyone
you know, waiting for the light that
never comes, fighting hard to find
your way out just hoping maybe this
day you will find your way only to
fall faster spinning out of control
hitting the ground hard among all
the lost shards of…


To a very good friend who will always and forever have a special place in my heart for she once danced with my soul.


She is lost in the city built of sorrow
and pain, and walks among the
many who are searching for blame.
Her heart filled with nothing but love
has been broken, beaten, and bruised,
so with a syringe filled with evil
she feels like she has nothing to lose.
as she carefully draws it back then
slowly pushes it in, for just a few moments
she feels no more pain, but more like a
young child who is playing in a warm
summer rain. She now looks to escape
from a life of sorrow and many regrets,
so it is with her own demons that she

gambles and her life is the bet. Like so many
before her, and yet many more to come,
her addiction has caught her with nowhere
to run. She is a beautiful woman, yet is
still in her teens, this life on the streets
was not in her dreams. With no money
for shelter or even warm clothes, she
is exhausted and hungry it is winter and
cold. Her gorgeous young b…

a war once won yet the battle lost

I have been living in a realm where
there is no love and nightmares
are the reality, it is a place filled with
demons of every shape, type, and
size where the darkness is the only
comfort for the dreams that die
living nowhere so the insanity of
the sain ones is not left behind,
I am just a player in costume and my
shadow knows all on the edge of
tomorrow where the selfish now
rule in a kingdom of yesterday's it is
where today no longer calls with
deep regret is what fills the ocean
that surrounds the bay of sorrow
where hope is a rumor that never
comes true and strength is the
measure for the king to let go of
as the queen is the true ruler who
hides away in his mind controlling
the meek like the flesh of who all
died where laughter is outlawed
and smiles are a sin as happiness
lost joy and the innocent end where
one's soul is held under by chains
of the heartfelt that no longer bleeds
or beats out the life that the light
needs to be where sunshine is
shining yet the light will not s…

The legend of a fallen angel Rated R

The legend of a fallen angel.

When all of time started way back
before God was in charge when
He first created heaven then made
all of his angels which resulted in
an argument with one of the angels
who wanted to have God's job who
in turn said "I do not think so" and
instead kicked out his right hand
man or second in command right
through the gates of heaven then
banned him the one who we call the
devil who in turn created hate and
evil yes of course hell and all of the
demons the darkness so on and so
forth at the same time cursing man
from within which started a huge
chain reaction to occur that we call
The Big Bang Theory which explains
everything resulting in some very
strange things to happen like creating
soul mates or even premonitions and
certain abnormalities in the space time
continuum which just really means
that sometimes meaning not all that
many times or extremely few instances
barely at all when a star is shooting
across the galaxy then falls to earth
burning up without a wish being

I know that he is listening.

I know that he is listening
I know that He is listening to me when and wherever it is that I may  speak and that He will test me on my faith every single day and  I shall never waver in my true and honest belief, that God and all of  his angels are real for I myself have seen, with the glory of my own eyes his light and have heard with my ears his voice for I have felt his  love in my heart and even though  my visit to heaven was way to brief,  I know that God's blessings will  always shine down upon me. Over  the last few years that he showed pity  and sent me back home with a gift  I have been walking down a very dark  path trying to lead others back into  the light but sometimes helping others  we ourselves will get lost in the fight  and as we try to fix other lost and  broken souls, if that broken soul does  not want to be fixed you will find that  sometimes we will lose our very own  souls in the mix.  So be careful no matter how strong  that you think you are for the darkness  and its evils are really…

Is money the root of all evil?

Is Money the root of all evil?
Greed is the biggest sin that we as humans can make it has caused man to murder for it we have lost wars not having it, buy anything your heart desires with it the only thing it can not buy or can you? No, money cannot buy you  love because love does not exist anymore it  is gone and has been used up and the well is  dry it has gone extinct and I wonder if you  wonder why? Because it has been replaced  with what can you do for me and who is next  in line and I am married but your cute so if  you do then lets do it quick I do not have that  much time. No money cannot buy you love but it can buy you the homecoming queen and if you got enough money she will do just about anything, from the laid back to the most obscene I got her number for fifty bucks I will give it to you and if you can give her a a little ring tell her dad said it was okay with him and I will be home right after I get high again then the party is really on and I can join in all the fun. No money cannot buy you l…

Where I dream

Where I dream.
When I am all alone at night and it is finally time for me to fall asleep, I close my weary bloodshot eyes to escape  this world that we all now live filled of  nothing more then violence, killing,  prejudice, and hate just so I can wake up in my little world where I wish to go in my dreams. It is a place where you and I will always and forever be in love staring deeply into each other's eyes night after night holding hands walking  on the beautiful white sands of an  ocean beach never knowing of all  our life's lies and many mistakes.  t is a place to stay where our children  can be children and grow up being whoever and whatever they want to  be never knowing any words of bullying or hate where they can play every day without the fear of the darkness that plagues our world in which we all have made.  It is a feeling of true freedom of  our hearts, mind, and souls like living in the lines of the many pages of the ink that now flows where  justice is real and the american  way is not a lie …

My ink begins to flow.

When it comes to love sometimes the end is actually the beginning of something else and while the truths are hidden in the lies of the heart the soul holds all the keys to yesterday today and all the tomorrows where love matters until the ends of all time.
My ink begins to flow

As I am sitting here right next to you
my ink begins to flow being pumped
from a deep down loving heart that
remembers you as my now awakening
soul senses the scent of another it
once held tightly in its arms searching
what seems like forever for the mate
it used to know, now lost in a world of
deep emotional scars as the memories
start playing like a broken movie reel
repeating the same scene constantly
from a single night of heated passionate love,
when two very damaged people and their
broken souls who were both left alone and very
lonely needing each other and the touch of
another reaching out through the pain of
a broken heart filled with sadness and deep sorrow
feeling vulnerable holding on to each other
as if there would be…