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The best of times

"The Best Of Times" "Tonight's the night we'll make history, honey, you and I And I'll take any risk to tie back the hands of time and stay with you here tonight I know you feel these are the worst of times baby I know, you wouldn't have to cry I do believe it's true When people lock their doors and hide inside Rumor has it it's the end of Paradise But I know, if the world just passed us by The best of times are when I'm alone with you some rain some shine, we'll make this a world for two our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime We'll take the best, forget the rest And someday we'll find these are the best of times These are the best of times I do believe it's true" Styx          Charles Dickens wrote "It was the best of times,  it was the worst of times" but to tell the truth of the matter for me, it seemed anyways that it was nothing  more than time, a time that was filled with chaos and so much  confusio

How the ink begin to flow. (Part Two) I am in love with a fallen angel

 How the ink begin to flow. (Part Two) I am in love with a fallen angel  One of the saddest days that I have ever had in  my whole life thus far was the day that I  held the most beautiful woman I have ever known  tightly in my arms, as she trembled against my  clothed body with my heart pounding so hard that I thought it would burst out and one that was filled  with more love for her then she could ever even Imagine and it was raging inside of me with flames  smoldering like a fire burning out of control with  so much passion that she herself or even anyone  else for that matter would ever know, meanwhile a flood of tears was falling like a bad winters storm or a category five hurricane somewhere out in the middle of the ocean from the deep dark sadness of her big brown sexy eyes that were reflecting all the signs of a hidden sorrow and the shadows that were leftover of her long much regretful past that seems to follow her everywhere she goes, as she sobbed and cried uncontrollably wh

How the ink begin to flow (Part One)

How the ink begin to flow (Part One)  I guess the number one question that I get asked is who am I? Well I guess that depends on who you ask, what I mean by that is I have been called just about everything under sun some say I am a friend, others say I am only a stranger while a few call me an  enemy that they wish they never met,  all because I fell in love once upon a time ago with the most beautiful of fallen angels I ever met at least that was the lie that I had told myself  which was that she had saved me  from a life of loneliness and misery  by just being there and holding me  when my life was filled with nothing more than deep despair but before  I can really begin the story which  is one of love and betrayal that had started with the truth of how I felt  but ended with her denial of what it  was worth, so let me start off by  going back to the very beginning of  all time, you see everyone who has actually read the Bible or has gone  to church already knows the story of how the

Congratulations, you have been nominated as a potential candidate for Texas State Artist –Poet Laureate

October 16, 2020   Richard M. Knittle, Jr. Via e-mail   Dear Richard M. Knittle, Jr.,   Congratulations, you have been nominated as a potential candidate for Texas State Artist –Poet Laureate. This designation is the highest designation that the Texas Legislature gives in the arts. Texas State Artists serve one-year terms and represent the state’s artistic legacy. State Artists receive statewide recognition, and the designation provides a unique marketing opportunity.   As part of the selection process, evaluators will review your bio/resume and samples of your work. Below are the website links we received with your nomination: https://thebattlelost. Richard-M-Knittle-Jr/e/ B00K3NPJ0U PoetryBecauseItMatters   If you are not satisfied with the links that have already been submitted, we are asking you to submit  up to two   substitute  links you would like the selection committee to review by   Sunday, October 25th.  These ca

Live Poetry By Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.

  I hope you all enjoy this short video, please do not be afraid of the clown for it is just as I always say "It is only a costume like the color of our skins I mean it does not matter what you look like on the outside it is what we have inside that really matters and that my friends is exactly what I mean because we as in you and me are all the same on the inside, we all have a heart that feels and pumps that blood through our veins, we have the same emotions hate and anger love and laughter we all feel sad and even joy and happiness which by the way is all of the ingredients that create those wells where the ink that we spill on to paper that creates all of those letters that form words that combine into sentences and paragraphs or sonnets and rhymes that ultimately become the magical healing properties of our Poetry... and that is where peace begins because we will never find peace for the world if we don't first find peace from inside of us. Sleep Dream Live Breath Think F

How very sad

  How very sad How very sad it must be for you to live in a world of fantasy laid by your hands brick by brick body by body and card after card one that is built on nothing more then the foundation of all your lies and the many untruths that have passed through your lips, a world in which you are the ruler a queen of spades living in house made of cards where it is so cold and dark there is no light since you have no hearts working so damn hard to barely have to work at all, a black widow spider spinning her web made up of drama and deceit catching men to abuse in every way until it is time to eat. Devouring them all from head to toe slowly until there is nothing more but the dried up remains of what used to be a man left then savoring their souls for last since you have none of your own, you are the child of a demon and even the Devil himself who looks like an angel but instead of heaven she lives down in hell below for the only love you will ever love is not for a child for you can o


    Love is one of the emotions that make us humans, it is who and what we truly are and where we should be going in this life, even though love is only just a four-letter word it is a very complex one. It means so many things to so many people I think it has gotten lost over translation and time, love is not a word that you throw out there because we have all been conditioned to repeat it back as if we were parrots, For example, there are so many different types, and meanings from a whole lot of feelings which will keep you continuously reeling like the love between to star-cross lovers, between a mother and her son, between a brother and sister, don't forget the one between a dog and his master, even my love of early morning spring baseball game a hot dog and beer with all four of my sons on opening day for the LA Dodgers the one from a first kiss or last it is the greatest feeling you will ever feel when we fall in love yet so painful when we fall out love, always remember what

That is the question

  That is the question At the very moment, we are conceived a timer will begin, counting down day by day until the very end, how much time do we have? No one really knows, so use the time that you are given and help each other out, because life is hard down here on earth as we struggle every day finding food and water and shelter just to lay your head, with hate and violence taking place in every land from sea to shining sea, coming from ignorance which is caused by nothing more than fear that is fed from our own human stupidity,. To be or not to be is the question that I struggle with every single day as I watch in terror all of humankind trying so hard to kill itself while destroying humanity, we talk of peace around the world but never will it be because we must first and foremost find peace within ourselves a very Nobel thought indeed, but alas I know that it shall always remain just a dream that we will never see, human emotions conflict with peace it is something we cannot deny a

The older I become the more I find myself getting lost in the pages of my writing hiding from what is left of humanity among the emotions where my ink had carried them from my memories to a place they will never be forgotten, in the words that fill the lines of all my poetry. Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. A Poet's Journey

 T he older I become the more I find myself getting lost in the pages of my writing hiding from what is left of humanity among the emotions where my ink had carried them from my memories to a place they will never be forgotten, in the words that fill the lines of all my poetry. Poet Richard M Knittle Jr. A Poet's Journey

A passion never known

  A passion never known All of the time that we had shared together are some of the best damn memories that I shall never soon forget let alone ever regret when our two lips came together sparks flew as we kissed causing smoke then flames of a raging fire that is still burning out of control today then late that night when you and I held each other tight out upon the hard wood floor the very real existence of who I thought I was, went walking out the barroom door, I felt so light it was as if our souls then took control making love together before our hearts had known causing chaos and confusion to our minds then down below all I wanted next was to get you home in bed where a storm of retribution tore your clothes off in submission by a spell cast from superstition causing all of the lightning to strike at the exact same position lighting up the bedroom like it was the fourth of July while we rocked and rolled the bedroom causing the thunder to explode in a boom that is when at that ve

Which way will I go

  Which way will I go I wonder where it is I am going when I leave this place and finally say goodbye will I get my wings and fly to heaven or am I going straight to hell when I die, to tell the truth, I do not know it's very hard to say, have I sinned? Yes I have almost every single day, I have danced with the devil with tickets that I stole then I killed his demon when it tried to steal my soul, I have gotten drunk and did some drugs but that was many years ago then saved some lives with just my words and I even fought a war for love, so will I fly up to heaven or will I fall to hell will Jesus come to save me or does the devil have control, the bible tells us that God created us in His likeness so does that mean he is short fat and bald like me or does it mean that He wears a dress he is a she and sits down to go pee, there are three sides to a story after all and I just want to understand if I could talk to the devil for just a few minutes to hear his version of what happened a