I died alone

I never believed in a higher being so six years ago I took my own life, what I saw, heard, smelled was something that can never forget, I had lost everything and everyone I was closest to at the time but God and my three friends decided it was not my time and sent me back down here, I now believe in God and his angels.

I died alone

I died alone all by myself just missing my
lost son, I had nothing left I had given up
the darkness it had won. The things I saw
I never thought I would and could not believe
my sight and then I heard Ryder’s cry he
woke me every night, I jumped up to find him
and I ripped that room apart as I pulled
myself together I felt a warmness in my
heart three people I had loved in my life
and very special to me were waiting as
I woke each whispering thoughts to me,
what they say I cannot speak but I write it
down every day for I write a journal of my
life for others that cannot say. Michelle
was in my life not long and left us way
too soon you were smiling and beautiful
that night in the room. Uncle Bill, I miss
you and I am sorry that we never got to ride
thank you for being there I know you came
to say goodbye. David, you are my best
friend and I missed you most of all thank
you for all the years of friendship and
answering all of my calls, I never got to say
goodbye you left us way too soon as tears
begin to fill my eyes you grinned and left
the room, the last to leave I saw my son
we always had our thing he place his hands
upon my lips he just wanted me to sing he
placed his head onto mine and we gently fell

To be continued

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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