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Love yourself

Love yourself  People keep asking me how I am doing and where have I been and to be honest with you I have retreated into a place that i have never really been before it is lonely and  it is cold a place where I very seldom think of anybody or anything because it all hurts like hell, I have been taking trips throughout my own mind hoping I will find something.  like a memory of back when I was me myself or who I think I am supposed to be but it has been so long I do not believe I will ever see any of those thoughts again, all the tears that fall now flow free taking with them all the hurt and grief it is my body trying to save itself helping me find my way home before I get lost in the abyss of an empty area that is vast not used that much vacated by love when I lost all my hopes and dreams in my travel down some sketchy paths I have found at least tiny pieces of what is a very broken and shattered slices of my