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 Are we really the master of? I have always said that blood or DNA does not always mean family and really is not that much thicker than water I mean take a damn good look at me, I am the epitome of an excommunicated proverbial black sheep of the family and to tell the truth, I am very honored that I am thought of that way, and even my son Ryder whom I fought an all-out war over and who the world and beyond both up in heaven with His blessing and down below, where my battles with my demons are all well-known they talk when you get sent home, knows me as his father even dad regardless of who his sperm donor is, so I sit back and start to really wonder if are we really the so-called captain of our own ship? Do we really navigate through our own time and space? Are we the true masters of our own fate? Or is our life already predestined and no matter what we say or do it will end up the same anyway, what do you think is it luck or fate? Or could it be something else entirely all together? T

Footprints in the sand

  footprints in the sand Somebody once told me that that people will come and go into our lives each one for a different reasons some we meet In passing, never to be seen again some are a little long either for work, like the postman or as short-term friends others are meant to stay a little longer like girlfriends, husbands, best friends and those whom we know our whole lives who come and go like the sun and the moon every morning and the nighttime then we have those that we try to hold on to for a little longer because they danced with our souls at one time or another either way, what I am trying to say is each one of those people we're in our lives for us to learn something, no matter how big or small and to help us grow as human beings and, in return, they learned the same. Then there are the ones we never forget that somehow have found a way to stay in our hearts and souls. They have held our hands as we walked the path together leaving a lasting impression like finding footpr