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If you loved me

If you loved me I feel so very numb and tired every day that I wake up to you here in a bed that feels so icy cold never knowing the warmth of another's skin or the heat of passion making love over and over again so please I am down here in front of you upon my knees begging you while I am praying to God to open up his eyes and see that If there was any kind of chance that you may have loved me at any other time before, even for just a split second, then please go ahead and pull that trigger let me die do not try and save me because I cannot stand the bitter feeling of loneliness of being with you even for a few more minutes anymore, I mean why are you still denying every single lie that you ever tell even with proof like pictures, my own eyes or even the phone bill is way past my understanding and beyond my complete and total comprehensible scope of rhyme reason or even rationality. Why do you sleep around in every town we live with every guy that you meet even s…



When I think about the way love is supposed
to be I always think about you and me, two very
passionate lovers that have come together
causing our own weather patterns to appear
wherever and whenever that you and I get
together while making love like it was the first
time and the last time every time all the time
you are just like tornado twisting down on
some unsuspecting town causing havoc
with your long blonde hair flowing here and
there as it is everywhere around causing the
wind to start to howl picking me up off the
ground spinning me round and round until the
rain begins to fall down from sweat from our
brows and I swear when it is over the walls
come tumbling down then as fast and furious
as it came it dissipates into a soft warm spring
rain and blue clear skies can be seen for miles
and miles as we hold each tight looking in to
each others eyes never wanting to let each
other go until you feel the tremble below so
slight when you blink your eyes because it
feels so ri…

If I got real close

If I got real close
Do you think that if I leaned over
and I got real close to you and
then whispered softly in your ear
about how much that I have fallen
in complete head over heels in
love with you, would your heart
then skip a beat and start to
quiver causing a deep pounding
in your chest as it begins to beat
out a beautiful rhythmic melody
about our love? Would you then
turn to look at me with a smile
and say back to me how much you
are in love with me too? Then
could we go the rest of or lives
holding hands as you and I
all the way though all of eternity
then past all forever as far as we
can possibly see? Do you thin
maybe then all of the shinning
stars all the way up above in the
clear night skies would start to
fall down upon us like fireflies
while we were making wishes
to always be together as me and
you? If I also got down upon one
knee as I looked deep into your
eyes while placing a ring on your
soft shaking hand while asking you
to marry me would you say yes?
These questions I asked of you are
a dream c…

Just want you to know

I just want you to know that I miss you and
the love we once had more as every day
goes by, I know that they say that time will
heal all wounds and that we will eventually
move on, but it seems like all of the painful
memories of you will never fade and will
always remain in my mind ingrained in my
broken heart causing these tears that fall
when I am alone carrying thoughts of you
I know believe in our lives that true love will
come and go like the wind but if you are
lucky enough and fate is on your side that
you will meet one person who is special
over all others they will be the one you who
you will remember until your forever ends
as the love that touched you deepest either
for a very short time or maybe the one that
stays with you through all of eternity the one
that woke your sleeping soul who caused
your to never beat the same who changed
you more than any other that you will ever
seek, the one that you judge all the rest,
the one who rose above all others, and I
have found that one with you no matte…

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

You have chosen a new path in life and sadly it was not the same path that I am now traveling down though you and I in our life have traveled the same road together many times before and on many occasions before we say goodbye. But when things are tough in the times of trouble or when you need me the most we have somehow met at the crossroads of life put our differences away to come together again until you were able to travel a different path just to say goodbye again. I truly am sorry but I must be the one to chose a brand new highway that am very sorry to say you will never travel for it is one that leads me far away from you and one that you shall never find for whenever I try to fix what is broken inside of you I break myself instead, I wrote this piece with tears streaming down my face as the beating of my heart let go of music that it played for you.
I will never forget you yet I can never forgive you for you were my sunshine in the light of my day and moonlight in…

Are we the writers of our own songs

Are we the writers of our own songs. 

As I travel around the world  taking a good look all around  me wherever it is I may be I hang my head in shame for  all of the things that I see, even sometimes when I am watching the evening news I am very  saddened so I start to wonder  to myself if this world we all  live is worth even saving? Or should we sit back do nothing 
and let it just burn in the fiery  flames of hell or do we give up  on even trying to save it while as it tries so very hard every single day to destroy itself? So  I started thinking is humanity the cause or the answer? Are  we ourselves to blame for what this world has become? Is it fate or faith that drives us to continue waking up day  after day after day with the  rising of the morning sun? Are we all maybe what is left  of some big secret alien experiment that some how  went completely wrong? Are  we only just some actors in a bad play that we call life? Or  are we the writers of our own songs? Could we really be all 
alone as in the only ones stu…

I am afraid to say.

I am afraid to say 

I am afraid to say that the last remaining love  that I had held for you after all these many  years has sadly finally died last night, it passed  away quietly without making even a sound as  we both were laying right here on this bed with  not a word being said facing opposite of each  other in a room that we made into a home at  one time together but like so many times in the  past so very far apart from one another, living like we are aliens in two separate worlds in another dimension never seeing the other in  person just a feeling like a déjà vu moment  seeing the shadows from out of the corner  of your eyes with a sensation that this place  once held happy times, yet you cannot quite pin point the who, what, when and the why like  tiny fragments of a broken memory that  look a little bit like,  no just like all of the tiny  broken pieces of a heart that has been beaten  down, bloodied, bruised, tied up and mistreated  giving up the dream of ever seeing what true  love really is an…

I promise

An intro from a queen poetess to the King of Kings -- a poem worthy of the introduction -- request for permission to perform it -- not to mention the accolades. Well done sir. You may leave now. lol Success to you Richard Knittle LITA
I promise
I woke up from a beautiful dream
last night and yet you were still here
so I closed my eyes then turned off
the light and what I saw relieved all  of my fears, for your beautiful face
is something I can never erase, for
I see it every day, 
you are her
you are mine
you are the one
that fills my nights with fun and
brightens my days even more than
the brightest of sun's,
I love you
just so you know I need you in my
life forever holding on together in
love never letting go, you consume
me as I feed upon your beauty and
the love that you have shown me
your auburn hair is hotter than the
hottest flame that burns, your
beautiful brown eyes that can see
deep down to my soul, you are wild
and never tame as our bodies fit
together like a finely…

Addiction to anything.

Addiction to anythingAddiction to anything is by any
definition not fun by any means
and is not really very cool at all,
I mean who truly wants to live
and wander the dark, mean, cold,
and dirty streets in a drug induced
haze wondering when and where
your next fix will be throwing up
while throwing away all of your
morals that you were born with
that day and were supposed to
be taught while you were growing
up like all of those sinners who
lived in Sodom and Gomorrah
that the Bible says was destroyed
by God himself for living a life that
he deemed and judged immoral yet it is truly unclear in the versus of
Genesis what all the true sins
actually were, so please do not
start on me because I do not
see what being gay or lesbian
had do with one damn thing like
the haters hate on for if two
lonely souls find one another
and fall in love with each other
then everyone should be happy
and mind there own business
and let them be happy at least
for finding what so many others cannot …

For Breast Cancer (A little Pun)

For Breast Cancer (A little Pun)
Hello to all of you beautiful ladies please know that goes out to every single woman, in every country, and every race who lives out underneath our big bright beautiful sun. You see I have just a very small favor that I would like to ask of you, well actually it is two and they may be bigger favors then I may ever believe could you for a few brief moments think that I might be able to see your boobs and no it is not why you may think it is at all, you see I am a Poet and I am a dreamer and I am looking for a dream and I would love to dream about your beautiful breast? You see they carry in them every single letter that makes up