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I once believed

I USED TO BELIEVE I used to believe for a while that all there was to life was bills I could not pay and broken hearts rolling a bowl to stay up for days and popping pills to go to sleep at night, pulling licks and turning tricks while stealing food sleeping on the cold hard streets as I wake up living in all of my nightmares and broken dreams telling lies never knowing the truth hating God for my mistakes I mean why not get high to forget today, blaming everyone else for my past hoping tomorrow would never last never mattered where I was going, always forgetting where I have been shaking my head with every chance I get as I hide from the bad guys while running away from police closing my eyes whenever I could and hoping they would never open again, but it did not start that way you know it never does and today I hope it is not the way it ends. You wonder when it all started well so do I for I cannot tell as I am not really sure my memories are real that was long ago in a different wor

Maybe someday

  Maybe Someday Maybe someday on a hot and steamy midsummer night on a blanket under the full moon's glow, along with about a billion stars lighting our way around while casting it down upon our two very naked bodies amongst all the Poetry in God's creations, I will create a new type of classic poem that shall one day become a treasured piece of art, yet it will not be on any type of blank canvas with paint like Michael Angelo in the Sistine Chapel, no, I will write it all over you, it shall start with a "Once upon a time but we all know this is not to be any child's nursery rhyme, for when we kiss it caused a chain reaction deep down inside of me, starting my heart to pound and my blood to flow freely making me have a premature ink ejaculation to occur, spilling my ink everywhere splashing across your beautiful, perfect breast writing words I will never forget, so I looked down at you and softly whispered in your ear what I had just read "flowers are pretty and s

Age and Beauty

I wrote this to my wife Brittany 7 years ago when we first met.. Age and Beauty Her beauty was that of a princess in a fairy tale with a body that was as perfect as a bottle of hundred-year-old red wine. He was a poet that wrote of beautiful women just like her in all his epic love poems all the time. She was the timeless beauty who had the essence of Marilyn Monroe he wanted to create a new poem written all over her body on a blanket under the light of a full moon and all the stars up in the skies on some hot midsummer night, two hearts who were lost that want to beat as one just trying to find their way in this lonely life, but alas time was not on his side. She had all the time in the world as she was just starting her life, and he was halfway through his they were friends though he secretly he wanted much more, for he was the age when he wrote of love from the beginning of time. She was all the beauty of this world that he dreamed of and all the masterpieces he would write whenever

The Gift

  The Gift I am going to create a beautiful masterpiece just like those of Da Vinci, it will be a classic write just like Edgar Allan Poe for it will come straight from the very depths of my heart just for you, it is to be a special poem for the beautiful woman who is you. I love you so very much as you are just a lost soul trying to find your way, your heart is as warm as the brightest of sunshine on a warm, cloudless summer day, you are as beautiful as an Island beach at sunset and just as wild as a West Texas tornado in the spring. my heart you have stolen forever, for you have inspired my soul now to again dream. You are a breath of fresh air In my lonely life, that has been gasping to be free and alive freeing my mind to believe again, a gift for my heart you found, for you have shown me that our young people are yearning to live a life of they're very own a wild and beautiful woman you are in a class of your very own, all the times we have spent together talking about life an

I may not be a super hero.

I may not be a superhero I am having a very hard time sleeping nowadays  along with even trying to sit down and concentrate  on anything at all my head keeps spinning round and round always aching with the  sounds of an  annoying low roar like choppers that are landing in an  all-out war one that is raging causing me to hurt all  the time with so many words that appear trying to  escape my crazy crowded mixed up mind all the  while screaming "Use me I am more important or  they will be" like me best" while whining "use me  now or " take me first"  but why do they not understand  that I am trying my best to use them all writing down on  paper just as fast as I can all day long while staying up  all night just as fast as I humanly can. I mean I do not have any special powers I am not a super hero like  Captain America, Thor, or even Spiderman and I do  not wear tights or wear a cape like Batman Aquaman  or even Superman, I don't have claws that rise up 

Oh, btw all my books are free for Kindle all 20 books free for download.

  Oh, btw all my books are free for Kindle all 20 books are free for download.

Seven Years

Seven years You and I have been through a lot since we first met out on the streets when I was searching for my lost son, and I wrote you that first poem. I called it Blue, like the color of your hair than from there, the words kept coming as I started writing all about you as you became my muse and inspired me the most, causing me to write the most beautiful romantic poetry that I have written so, of course, we got closer whenever we were together and when we we're apart I thought about you all the time knowing you were always just out of reach. After that, I always felt that falling in love with someone you can never have, is like falling in love with the moon and the stars, as you can see their beauty, everywhere in the midnight skies but can never fully grasp them or hold them in your arms. it has been seven years since I first saw you, and yet I still love you today the same way I used to love you back then, just as I will tomorrow and all the days after that

who am I

Who I am?  Who am I are the thoughts  that are always running through my mind searching my whole life everywhere I could but only more damn questions is all I ever find, I know my name that is for sure  I mean unless I was actually accidentally maybe might have been you never know switched  at birth, I know who my family  is at least most the time, yet there is nagging questions that fills me up from the inside as if my heart and my soul are always getting confused causing me to always run yet there  is never any place to hide from me, so who  am I? I know that I am an addict  and I will always be, at one time addicted to drugs and alcohol now just relationships that are very harmful to the person who is me, I have been a father to my four sons albeit not a very good, one that I admit and I have been  a son to my father who always thought I would not amount to anything at all and a brother to my little sister and brother and even a mother fucker yet I keep searching for who and where I


  Wanted I know I am not really much to look at nowadays I wish you could have seen me years ago before I Knew about sorrow and regret. I was really something else, but today I am a little worn out, as I have been used up so much so there is not much left and lied to so many times that it is hard for me to even trust anyone at all. I am bald, lost my hair a long time ago, and well, to tell the truth, I am kind of getting old. My heart might miss a beat and it is missing a few dozen pieces, but that is only because it has been broken so many times before, but it still pumps I know because I am still standing here and it will even pound now and then, I still believe with a bit of love, patience, and understanding I know it will beat out a melody of love with a rhyme and a reason once again. I am not looking for marriage. No, I have walked that road a few too many times before just a walk on a white sanded beach holding hands with a friend, not really looking for a mom to take care of me,

That is the question

That is the question At that very moment, we are conceived a timer will begin, counting down year-by-year month after month, week by week, day by day hour after hour minutes and seconds until the very end when time stops at least our time, how much time do we have? No one really knows, so use the time that you are given and help your fellow man why? because life is hard down here on earth as we struggle every day to find food and water and a shelter just to lay your head, with hate and violence taking place in every shape and form, from the purple mountain majesty and in every foreign land from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the highest mountains we can stand to the desert and sea to shining sea, coming from ignorance which is caused by nothing more than fear that is fed from our own human stupidity,. To be or not to be is the question that I struggle with every single day as I watch in terror all of human kind trying so hard to kill itself while destroying what is left of humanit