As the sun started rising up
causing a beautiful reddish-gold
color in the morning skies
a single teardrop formed then
fell from the corner of my eyes
as the many thoughts of you and
others started running through my
head and it was at that very
moment that I had come to realize
that as people come and go in
and out our lives, they touch
us all in different ways than
any have before, some of them
will teach us, love, while others
teach us to hate but it is the ones
that you remember most that will
last forever as a piece of who we
are and become either way
whether you meet by chance
or maybe even fate, you learn
from one another through
all of your mistakes and when
it is finally over and we reach
the very end, we look back
upon our life at all our enemies
and friends, hoping we made
all the right choices, I believe that
the ones who win in this game
in which we call life, is the
ones who leave this place with
a peace at heart filled with nothing
but love no regrets with aspirations
To inspire as many people as you can.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A Poet's Journey


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