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Even Still

Even Still Good morning sweetheart, I hope and pray that your day is just as beautiful as you are, well, at least you are in my mind along with your pounding heart and bounding soul my wish is you will think about me as long as you, possibly can or at the very least a little while, for every time a memory of you, which by the way is always the vision of absolute beauty crosses my mind I just want to reach out to hold you and tell you that I love you more than there are shining stars up above in the darkness of the midnight skies or how the Aurora dances across the northern sky while your beauty is so much brighter than a hundred thousand suns raging with the heat of over a thousand out of control fires burning a deep-down desire is what I feel on the inside of me whenever I think about you, for all the love I feel for you is one that shall never fade away or even die lasting longer than forever ever will and yes longer than an eternity, which is really not all that

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