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Sometimes   Sometimes when it is late at night and everyone else is  asleep and the only things that are moving is in my head and the pounding of my heart as my mind is going about  a hundred miles an hour trying everything I can to slow it down so I can fall asleep close my eyes and begin to dream all about you and I getting together alone finally with no  one else around our clothes are thrown all over the ground as we smile and laugh and giggle while we whisper about  the things that turn us on as I get a little bit closer telling you how I love you more than anybody else who came before,  which I say from the bottom of my heart as I reach over and pull you in a little bit closer and I kiss you on your lips as I start to write a brand-new poem across your sexy body  that really turns you on. So I tell myself to slow down and  breathe as I watch your chest begin to heave up and down  as I start to spill my ink starting right in the center of your  beautiful breast as I write "Ro


What is a lie: To make an untrue statement with intent to deceive. She was lying when she said she would sleep with you if you helped her out. She lied about her past experience. : to create a false impression. Deceit is the act or practice of deceiving—lying, misleading, or otherwise hiding or distorting the truth. The word deception often means the same thing as a lie and is perhaps more commonly used. Lies Broken promises, broken dreams, broken love, broken arms broken hearts hurt like hell no matter how you broke it or even say it they all hurt the same, the pain though may not be precisely the physical kind it could be emotional, maybe even metaphysical, or a little bit spiritual, even a little of all three, I mean four any way you know what I mean because it does not matter the outcome, it will be the same because time heals all wounds, so they say, and for the most part, it is true it does, but the problem is what I found is even though the pain from physical trauma will fade


Wanted I would have given anything as I  stand here today on the precIbus of my life I have always wondered  what it would have been like to have had  everything that I ever wanted, I mean sure, I have a car that I can drive around town  to get me where I want to go, a home with  a roof over my head where I can fall asleep  on my bed and live, I have food on the  table so I do not go hungry,  clothes on my  back that are new and clean not used or dirty,  a flat screen television I can watch the  news on to see all of the people who have  nothing at all, a dog named beebee who  is named after Bebe Reza and I have four  Healthy sons three grandchildren  oh and I am  blessed that at my age I still have my mom and  dad but the one thing in life that I have never  known and always wanted and I would have traded  almost everything I owned is how it felt to  be loved back by anyone at all, to feel what love 

Old songs

  Old songs I was driving down the highway listening to  the radio all alone like I always am going nowhere  in particular, trying to clear my head with a  change in scenery with the windows rolled up  singing at the top of my lungs songs like 1985 by Bowling for Soup anything by Blink-182 and Salt -N-Pepa Shoop minding my own damn business  and not bothering anybody else when the radio  stopped playing I looked down hit the on-off button  a couple of times but nothing at all it was dead I  thought I must have blown a fuse so I yelled shit then I slammed my hands down hard on the steering  wheel yanking the car to the right and pulling over  to the side of the road slamming my brakes and  skidding to a stop, I closed my eyes and took a huge  breath thanking God that it was only me on the road  then I heard a tune faintly at first, begin playing through  the speakers and it was not coming from my radio I  opened my eyes looking around it was darker than I  remembered I rolled down my w