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I love you more

I love you more You may not know it yet but you will one day because I love you more than when the sun sets and the moon rises over us while we are laying on a blanket on the sand underneath us making love by the fire at the beach. Yes it is true I love you more than all the stars in the skies at night I love you more than you think I might I love you more than time itself with forever as a start I love you more every day no matter where you might be at I love you yes even more than you could ever see I love you more than the highest mountain peak I love you more than the deepest blue sea I love you longer than the longest yard I love your body from your head to your toes I love your mind, heart, and soul I love you more than anyone until the day I die then I will love you more from down below or way up high I love you more than when the lights are on I love you more when the lights go off I love you more in your dreams when you sleep at night I love you more and more after every fight

My post have all been pretty pathetic lately

Image My post have all been pretty pathetic lately pretty much about what I don't have or who I don't have in my life what I need to do is understand what I want from what I have to what I need, what I need is to know is what I have is already what I want and need. I'm lucky and blessed that I am 57 and still have my mom and dad who have been married 57 years not all of them great years but nevertheless, I see them every day since I have a roof over my head living in their house and food in my mouth with plenty to drink. I have four sons three of them men who are not addicts and are better than I will ever be and never been in jail and provide for their families and I am proud of them; I have a job that I get to work from home, a car that's reliable, and Ryder who surprises me every day w
  Maybe wishes come true Maybe one day when you are standing right here next to me I will reach up into the night skies a catch a falling star so we could both make a wish upon it and when we were done close our eyes and I would throw that star as hard as I could into the sky and let it fly back to where it had been once before, shining its beautiful light down upon the very spot you and I were standing, transforming the surrounding night to light up like a thousand fireflies all around us while we are staring into each other's eyes as it seems right out of a dream as my wish I believe is coming true taking me back in time to when I was at my finest right before your eyes causing your knees to go weak and your heart starts to beat as your soul reaches out to mine just as my soul reaches into yours and they begin to dance slowly together up around the moon and stars above holding onto one another tightly deep into the night when they started making love while listening to the sound