Sometimes when our hearts get all confused
about somebody that we meet either by chance
while we are just walking down the street or
even with people that are already in our lives
who just maybe indubitably without a doubt
maybe with a bit of uncertainty could be in our
fate. We are all lonely, unhappy with our current
status, just wanting some companionship while
we are all looking for love and happiness which
we all know nowadays trying to find in this topsy
turvy, crazy, backwards, broken world in which
we live is a battle and such a scary and very
harrowing feat, then on top of all of that
confused craziness, we just do not know which
way to turn or even what way we should go,
so what do we do? You know being all smart
since we are the Sometimes most intelligent mammals on
this earth right? At least we think
we are, anyways for some stupid reason we start
to look for the answers with the recesses of our
minds knowing that it actually got us into
this mess to begin with, but what if by chance
that it has no answer and it just is as confused
too? I mean you and I already know that since
your brain can never ever agree with our heart
because it gets us in trouble all the time and lies
it say whoa hold on so it says absolutely no!
We then most certainly now know that this
means there will now be a war between what
may be right and what may be wrong and how
we think that we may feel, so tell me do we
ignore what they both a have to say? I mean
really damn now we are in a tug a war on the
inside and we can not stick our head in the
sand not really wanting to understand, so
now we become very frustrated with ourselves
causing many sleepless nights and very
tired days. So here we go with the question
again asking ourselves over and over, which
way should we go our hearts say yes and our
heads say no? Hey maybe I do know we have
not ask ourselves from deep down to see
about what our souls needs to say, so we ask
it and nope it is staying completely out of the
way, just standing back, while watching this
fight being very quiet for once in our life, just
snickering waiting on the outcome and wanting
to see who will win this round? Now what should
we do? just give up on loving someone? Walk
away from somebody loving you? Well I say
that we should grab a piece of blank paper or
even two and good working pen and then start
writing down everything that we are feeling
make a list of all the good things you know about
this one and what maybe bad about that one,
try it sometime it really can be a lot of fun
because you see I really do believe, that putting
down on paper about what we feel inside helps
make the right decisions and is healing and and
writing it down can help you make it through
almost anything that comes our way making it
easier for us to say to ourselves or anyone that
we need. Although being a Poet I am bias about
what I write but I do know that it would be a great
place to begin to maybe give us sight into what
we fight about inside. So try this and draw two
straight lines right down the middle of the page
and then sit down, relax, take a deep breath
and just start to write and let it all start to flow
because I know that you will be amazed when
you open up and bare you heart, mind, and soul.
I myself have been writing down about many of
the wonderful people that I have met these last
few years through all of the laughter and many
many tears, and I am still so very damn confused
on which way I need to go for when it comes to
relationships and love I am always lost as hell,
and I just may never know, what the answers
should be, so I will stick with my own advice
and I will keep writing down my story for all of
you to read, for the war inside of me that rage
every single day may never end, in fact they will
always be fighting against each other to decide
what is right no matter which way i turn to face,
but I do know this for sure if I can make you laugh,
or think, or help you out no matter what your
religion is or your gender, your preference for
love or even where you come from, color or race
then I have done my job again with the gift that
God has given to me helping you forget your own
problems for even just one quick minute and as
you read this piece then I did my part to bring
laughter, make you stop and think, spread a smile
for all of my people whom I do love, the citizens
of this planet together who I call The Human Race.

Poet Richard M Knittle Jr.
A #Poets Journey


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