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Number One "You Gave Me" Thank you....

Number One - Local - That means all of Texas
Number One - National - That means all of The United States
Number Three - Global - That means the freaking World

You Gave Me

Written by: Richard M Knittle Jr.
Performed by: Douglas Haines

What can I say but WOW.....

THANK YOU Just you rock!

Baby boy

Baby boy

You are looking at the Soul of God when you
look into the eyes of a newborn, you cannot get
more pure of heart or innocence of soul.

When I wrote that I was thinking of every one of my boys. I may not be perfect, I am only human and as such prone to making mistakes, it is how we are wired, we are supposed to learn from them, not pay for them for the rest of your lives.

When I look back in my life at the
very few good things that I have
done one of the best was about
thirty-one years ago, I can very
much remember as if it were only
just yesterday as the teardrops
formed in my eyes when the
doctor looked over at me shook
my hand and he said as he handed
you to me "congratulations your
a father to a little baby boy" then
they fell down to the ground like
a hard summers rain, then I heard
for the very first time your tiny
little cry so I looked up and saw
the lighting in your eyes and
I knew right then that you had

Who I am?

Who I am?

I am always wondering who I am or why am I here
and other thoughts that are always running through
my mind, searching my whole entire life so far
everywhere I could but only more questions are all I
ever find, I know my name that is for sure, well I
mean unless I was actually switched at birth, do we
know that I was not? I know who my family is and
that is not only blood at least most the time, yet
there is always nagging questions that fill me from
inside as if my heart and soul are always getting
confused causing me to always want to run, yet I
know that there is never any place to hide from me,
so I asked again who am I? I know that I am an
addict and I will always be once addicted to drugs
and alcohol now just bad relationships that are
very harmful to the person who is me, I have been
a father to my four sons albeit not very good, and
I have been a son to my father and a brother to my
sister and brother and I am even a mother fucker
yet I keep on searching for who and where I…

Black and White

A world premiere of a brand new song called:

 "Black and White"

Written by Craig Burt and Richard M Knittle Jr. 
Performed by Douglas Haines

Spiritual beliefs

People ask me if I go to church or what religion I follow and I smile take a breath and get ready for a debate or a scoff even some that just walk away or say "Well bless your heart" which everyone knows in Texas is a polite way of say go fu#$ yourself or your an idiot.... Before five years ago I was not a believer in anything at all more a creationism type of person.. I was Baptised in a Catholic church as a baby but never felt right in a church where sexual abuse was ignored, tried other churches of different denominations but felt like I was being milked of tithings feeling like I was a sinner going to hell for not.. Making me feel like I needed to give money to the poor when I could barely feed myself. So I gave up on any belief I had.. But I listened and read and got more confused... Just more questions that nobody could answer like why am I going to hell if I smoke weed? It came from God he created it they wore sandals made from it... So you say if it is illegal then i…

You gave me


The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth Kindle Edition

Richard M Knittle Jr. A